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Smokeshield Australia P/L is the exclusive importer and distributor of all the Smokecloak and Trainer range of products manufactured by MSS Professional DK, through out Australia, New Zealand and PNG.

Our head office is located in Unit 14 -19/23 Clarinda Rd,Oakleigh South, Victoria, Australia. See Map
Smokeshield Australia P/L is a Dynamic Company set up on the basis of sound business practices and involves some fundamentals such as Resources, Working environment, Honesty, Integrity, Teamwork,
Commitment to our Customers and goals.

Staff Selection and involvement are paramount in our operation to ensure success of all tasks at hand.

Market research and promotion form integral parts of our plan to understand and grow with our customers. Using these principles the company has taken major steps in establishing itself in the Market.

Modern office facilities, warehouse, warranty, service, spare parts, demonstration rooms and training facilities provide our customers with the security of knowing all facilities required are available for their needs.

Our sales team is actively providing not only selling aids and training but are promoting our products through Expos and Trade Shows, obtaining endorsements from major organisations and always supporting our customers.

We offer 24 Hour technical support network, training and certification of installers, training manuals, Sales training, Brochures and Sales aids for our agents, Warehouse a large inventory of spares and a warranty service area

The exciting addition to our product range is the NEW Trainer Products. This exciting product allows for the completely safe personal training in the field of fire suppression and fire training scenario, it is safe to breath, can mimic any smoke density, does NOT require extensive clean up as it leaves no residue, nor harms vital equipment, computers, electronic or personal.

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Smokecloak is World proven and is the ONLY answer in stopping Theft. Thieves are fully aware of the long delays before the arrival of Police or Security. Smokecloak is the ONLY security device on the market which addresses this critical TIME GAP preventing the theft of your goods

"You can't steal, what you can't see" Smokecloak produces a dense harmless vapour reducing visibility to practically zero in less than 60 seconds.

Smokecloak is designed to force the thief to leave the building EMPTY HANDED. Smokecloak is a proven Worldwide Fog Security system and is recommended by Insurance Companies. Smokecloak costs less than one intrusion. Rental & Finance is available TAC.

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