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Smooth Transition Dok System by Rite Hite

Supplier: Komatsu Forklift Australia
16 October, 2007

The safety of occupants is a constant and important issue in the workplace. In addition to employee well being, safety issues are central to productivity rates and potential financial liabilities for the organization.

A new series of products from Rite Hite is designed to address the physical demands exerted on a person working in a loading dock environment. Jarring and jolting causes 36% of all head, neck and back injuries associated with mobile equipment operators. The smooth transition Dok system consists of a line of loading dock levelers and a vehicle restraint.

The new line of Dock Levelers from Rite Hite features a rear hinge to create a smooth transition, between the warehouse floor and the leveler, reducing the vibrations that occur when an industrial truck crosses the warehouse floor and trailer bed. On the other end of the leveler, a two point crown control provides a smooth transition from the leveler to the trailer bed. The levelers are available in hydraulic, air powered and mechanical models.

The other component in the Smooth Transition Dok System; the STR-4000 Dok Lok Vehicle Restraint is designed to address the occurrence of “trailer drop.” In developing the product, Rite hite analysed how trailer beds move vertically due to the weight of industrial trucks moving in and out of unstable trailers. The problem was found to be more severe with trailers with air ride suspension systems.

The STR-4000 vertically supports the rear of a trailer during loading and unloading into the facility reducing trailer drop by up to 300% compared to when no restraint is used. Another feature is the rotating hook design, which engages the rear impact guard of a trailer in a two point entrapment to prevent trailer separation, which can lead to an accident.