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Snapshot Total System Control (TSC)

Supplier: Mid-Comp International Pty Ltd

SNAPSHOT Total System Control (TSC) is an award winning System Management Application which monitors and notifies you of performance problems or application issues that could adversely affect the performance of your i5/OS (OS/400) server.

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SNAPSHOT/TSC now introduces a new concept called "SnapShot Groups". You simply nominate which users belong to a given group (say Dept37, Accounts Payable or Washington) and all displays can then use this Group to report upon. This is independent of OS/400 group profiles. Users can belong to multiple groups.

You could easily create a live report showing average response time for one Group, displayed beside or added-to another.

Real-time performance graphs can be used to compare the response times that the Accounts Payable users are getting, compared to the Warehouse people. Or you can add them together in real time. You can create 2 charts showing the Interactive CPU% used by the Washington users and the New York users.
Response Monitoring

Snapshot screenshot The Response Monitoring in SNAPSHOT/TSC records and displays the response times being realized on your remote controller(s) and/or LAN connected PC's. It highlights both short term problems and long term trends.

'Remote locations' are defined as being any location that is attached using a remote controller such as an IBM 5294, 5394 (or equivalent), or, any user attached to your system either locally or at a remote location via a LAN connection. A PC Client is required.

All data is displayed graphically in a clean, concise, and easy to read manner. SNAPSHOT Response also offers printed management reports for any information access and analysis. The comprehensive SnapShot/Response monitoring screen can be easily printed using normal windows 'print screen/cut/paste' techniques.

Response Monitoring is unique and patent pending. To our knowledge, all other monitoring products use an estimated response time at remote locations by adding a small figure to the local response time.

SNAPSHOT Response Monitoring collects the relevant data, analyses and interprets it, then displays it on the screen. A glance at the SNAPSHOT Response screen provides a full understanding of the current status of your remote locations. The 'history screens' contain all information you require to determine the current and past behavior of each remote location.