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Zavanti talks to Village Building Company Canberra, Australia.

The Village Building Company have been working with Zavanti International for more than 11 years. Starting small, both companies have grown over those years; Village Building has quadrupled in size, while Zavanti has expanded its products offering to a full range of enterprise resource planning solutions. Zavanti International talks to Janee Williams at VBC about their unique working relationship and why Zavanti has proven so important to their business growth.

Q1: What made you choose Zavanti over other software providers?

We started as a land development company 22 years ago, but have, in the last six years, expanded into the construction industry. This was a planned growth and one that demanded more sophisticated management and reporting processes. Before Zavanti, we were working with numerous different products that we quickly found were not able to service the needs of our growing company.

Previous software providers were too rigid; out-of-date even, and were unable to help us achieve optimum efficiencies in our new ventures. As a company in expansion, Zavanti provided the solution. Software that was configurable to our needs and flexible to integrate. We've now worked together for close to 11 years, and consider Zavanti to be more of a partner than a supplier; we've grown together.

Q2: What Zavanti products and modules are the most important to your business?

Our previous systems lack of integration and management failures were really highlighted when we started working with Zavanti. This was the area we needed to improve to ensure our new ventures stayed on-budget and for that reason Zavanti financial planning, accounting and document management modules are what we've found the most powerful in driving our business forward. The functionalities across those modules integrate to provide a system that is efficient and adaptable.

The most powerful elements across these modules for us are the estimating, job costing and purchase order modules as they allow us to capture the financial lifecycle of the project and control our budgets from project start to finish. Zavanti’s purchase order module is unique in that it allows restricted authorising to raise purchase orders outside of the estimate, which is extremely useful in time-critical situations. Tracking and invoice recording is also a priority of ours, and the relationship with Zavanti proved to be especially beneficial in this instance as they built a vouchering module to fit our unique situation.

Q3: What do you see to be the main benefits of working with Zavanti?

As I've touched on before, the key benefit for us is that the software can be easily configured to suit the growing need of our company. It's not a rigid product; the support team and consultants are skilled in configuring the solution so that works for you. To give you an example, the reporting software provides an extensive and detailed catalogue of reports that can be added to dependant on what your organisation, or country regulations demand. The module is also set-up with your corporate branding already implemented, saving time and maintaining the professional face of your organisation.

It is important for us to work with an organisation that stays abreast of relevant market trends and changes in government legislation. Zavanti does this, providing a consultancy service when needed and adapting their products to comply. Their  pricing module is updated automatically with price fluctuations that could impact business decisions, which is a benefit we couldn't work without now.

Q4: How important is customer support to you'and'what is your experience of this with Zavanti?

In a word, it’s essential. And the word I would use to describe Zavanti's customer service is, unique. The business support staff combine knowledge of the industry with intricate knowledge of the software to provide a mix of both consultancy and products configured for individual client needs. Along with the suitability of the product, it is the reason why we have continued to use Zavanti for so long. In an industry as complex as construction, this combination of skills and knowledge simplifies the process and is essentially the core of the processes efficiencies. It's safe to say that within this industry everybody builds differently and therefore has different requirements.

In many cases, people will buy a product "off-the-shelf" which may have some room for adjustment, but otherwise is quite stringent. Zavanti don't think in this way. In our experience, they take the time to understand where your company is going, in what sector and build or adjust their software so that you can move forward together. With Zavanti, it has always been a partnership, as opposed to a supplier/customer relationship, and that, is what makes them unique.

The Village Building Company is an award-winning Australian property developer, working in residential and mixed-use environmentally sensitive living estates in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland.