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Solacoat Protecting the Environment

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The effects of Enhanced Greenhouse Gases are now sounding alarm bells throughout the world. We in Australia are one of the worst offenders as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

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Protecting Our Environment - Greenhouse Gas is a growing threat to our Environment

“Australia, as a nation, is highly dependent on energy resources. In addition to being one of the world's largest exporters of coal, Australia's per capita energy consumption is one of the highest in the world, with a heavy reliance on fossil fuels. Australia has a higher dependence on fossil fuels for electricity production (90%) than most other countries or regions in the world. “
(Australian Bureau of Statistics report 4604.0 - Energy and greenhouse gas emissions accounts, Australia, 1992-93 to 1997-98)

  • It is incumbent on the federal government to take the necessary steps to reduce the growth in our use of energy and our dependence on fossil fuels, and thereby reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.
  • If the governments cannot encourage voluntary reductions to be made, it will be forced to resort to legislation, and a “Carrot and Stick” approach.
  • One of the major contributors to the production of greenhouse gas is the electrical power generating industry. From that same report:

“In particular, turning coal into electricity involves sizeable losses of energy in the transformation process. For every one unit of electricity generated, about three units of coal must be burnt, a relatively greenhouse expensive process. Hence, electricity generation accounts for about one half of Australia's energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.”
(Australian Bureau of Statistics report 4604.0 - Energy and greenhouse gas emissions accounts, Australia, 1992-93 to 1997-98)

 Because we live in a relatively hot climate, one of our largest demands for energy is that of air conditioning. This particularly applies in our work place and in large public buildings such as shopping centres.

Significant power savings can therefore be made by making more efficient use of air conditioning. Reducing the amount of heat energy entering a building, which must be removed by the air conditioning plant, can provide this improvement.


Welcome Solacoat

  • Solacoat works by reflecting solar energy from the surface to which it is applied.
  • Long term testing has shown that for a galvanised iron or colourbond steel roof, the application of Solacoat to the exterior surface will reduce the heat load to be removed by the air conditioner, by reducing the surface temperature of the roof as much as 40 deg.C.
  • Power savings can be up to 50% during summer months as evidenced by the following IGA Foodland and Snooze testimonials.  This results in tonnes of greehouse gas emission savings.
  • Solacoat requires little energy in production and has the economic benefit of a payback period of 4 to 5 years.
  • In addition the solution is HERE and NOW, it does not required any special technology to apply, and cost and environmental benefits start immediately with minimal ongoing cost and maintenance demands.

Should the use of Solacoat be factored into the design of a new building, a further reduction in the payback period could be expected.

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