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Solar Attic Fan

Supplier: Solar Bright

Solar Powered Attic Fans are specially engineered to permit an efficient fresh air circulation, which provides year-round benefits.

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Product Features:

    • Radiant heat penetrates through the roof causing temperatures to rise and radiate into living areas.
    • Daily activities such as laundry, cooking and showers create moisture that rises to the attic.
    • When heat and moisture combine, they can greatly damage shingles, trusses, rafters, the roof deck and
      painted surfaces.
    • Proper attic ventilation can minimise the damaging effect that heat and moisture have on your attic.
    • During summer, attic temperatures soar up to  90 degrees Celsius.
    • During winter, excess moisture accumulates in the attic causing mould, mildew and wood rot.

SolarBright Solar Powered Attic Fans Designed to Be The BEST In Industry. 10-Watt SPAF is capable of covering an attic space of up to 115 square meters, and our largest unit 20-Watt MAF covers up to 190 square meters.  

Adjustable Solar Panel: high quality photovoltaic module, 10- or 20-watt, 10 year warranty. The panel can be adjusted to catch maximum solar power during the day.

Top Cover: aluminum, powder coated black.

Louver Ring: aluminum, engineered to allow maximum amount of air-flow but small enough to keep insects out.

Roof Flashing: Easy to install, leak proof and suit any roof and pitch.

Fan Motor: 38.2 VDC brush style motor, formulated with soundless ventilation, 5 year warranty.

Fan Blade: 5 wings, aluminum, and maximum air flow with low horsepower consumption. 
Thermal snap switch
The thermal snap switch is designed to turn on the solarbright solar attic fan when the temperature in the attic reaches approximately 29 degrees Celcius. This feature allows you to control the temperature of your attic so it is kept to the ideal temperature.