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Solar Hot Water Systems

Supplier: Australia Wide Solar

Solar modules require light waves (photons) from the sun to energise the electrons to generate electricity, solar hot water relies on direct heat from the sunshine to make the surface of the solar panel hot. This heat is then transferred to the water which is then stored in a hot water tank.

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Solar Hot Water

Whichever system, the tanks can be boosted by electricity or gas for the days when weather or high demand may not supply enough hot water.

Australia Wide Solar has been involved with SHW for several years. We can offer the most up-to-date systems, from the traditional closed couple system (panels and tank on the roof) to the split system (panels on the roof, hot water tank in the house) with electricity or gas boost.

Alternatively, we can supply an instant gas system (no tank) where the roof is not satisfactory, or is better used for PV (solar electricity). In this scenario, the heat pump, which can run from your own solar electricity, is a very exciting way to heat your water. The heat pump uses up to 66% less power than a normal hot water tank, and doesn't require any roof work, as it sits on top of the usual hot water tank.