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Solar Panel - Sundaya Premium Extra Kit -130W

Supplier: Rainbow Power Company

Systems provides 400Wh/day; sufficient for 66 hours of 6W light,

Price Guide: POA

This Deluxe Kit is made up of the following components:

SLK-400K Deluxe Light Kit1.

1 x Kyocera PV130W Solar Panel

Cat.# SLK-400-P01
The kit is a convenient package complete with all installation materials to install the two panels on your roof including the seal to prevent leaks.
With an insolation of 4-5kWh/m2/day this set in combination with one of Sundaya Storage Systems provides 400Wh/day; sufficient for 66 hours of 6W light, The Solar Panel is rated at 130W.

2. S3.1500 Power Pack

Cat.# SLK-400-P01
The S3.1500 is a plug and play wall mountable lead acid storage system of 1500 Wh (120Ah) capacity with a state of the art microprocessor based smart energy management system.
The unit has a clear LCD display that displays battery state of charge and charge/discharge or rest mode. The unit is also equipped with an alarm to warn the user when battery is one hour to forced disconnect.

Items in this set:

* Hub1 cable assembly
* Mounting bracket
* Installation material

3. 10L400 Standard Plus Lightkit
Cat.# SUN-LTK01

SLK-200 Kit A complete set of lights and accessories, containing the 1 Multilight#3 18W; 2 Lumi White, 3 A-lights 10W; 2 Ulux 18W, and 3 Broco switches.
The wide selection of lights allows you to light up several rooms, and to economise on power usage by allowing you to only select the amount of lighting, which you require for a specific task. For example, you might install two lights in your kitchen - over the workbench and over the kitchen table.
Use one light when preparing your food and then the second light while eating. This saves power by only lighting up the area that you require. 72 m cable supplied.

Weight: 50.00000 Kilograms