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Solar Power Panels

Supplier: Living Wise

Living Wise supply and install solar power panels for domestic and commercial applications and for the solar schools program.

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Servicing metropolitan Melbourne, eastern suburbs, south eastern suburbs, southern suburbs, Mornington Peninsula with a wide range of solar electricity products and solutions.

Solar panels manufacturers/brands that we source include BP Solar and Conergy. Solar inverter manufacturers/brands that we source include SMA Sunny Boy, Fronius and Latronics.

Solar power panels (or solar electricity panels) generate electricity from solar radiation. Photovoltaics (PV) is a method for generating solar power using solar cells which convert sunlight into electricity. These solar cells are packaged in photovoltaic modules.

Grid Connected Solar Power Panels

Grid-connected solar power panels is a solar electric system which links to the electricity mains supply and feeds any excess capacity into the mains electricity grid. When insufficient power is generated by the solar system, electricity is drawn from the mains electricity grid.

Benefits of Solar Electricity

Solar electricity is a clean, efficient, and sustainable form of renewable energy.
Economic - reduced electricity bill and significant rebates available.
Environmental - photovoltaic systems produce electric power with no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Solar Performance

The amount of sunlight, rather than temperature, is the most important factor in determining the output of a solar electricity system. PV modules generate more power at lower temperatures with other factors being equal. Solar cells are electronic devices and generate electricity from light, not heat, and operate more efficiently at cooler temperatures. In temperate climates, solar modules will generate less energy in the winter than in the summer but this is due to the shorter days, lower sun angles and greater cloud cover, not the cooler temperatures.