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Solar Power Systems

Supplier: Solar Bright

Solar Power Systems are more affordable than Clean electricity .

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Let Solarbright Solar Power show you how to let nature work for you, whether it's solar power on a residential place, commercial, School, .etc.

With rebates and incentives that are in place, the cost of installing the system and ongoing significant saving on annual electricity bills can virtually offset the cost of the system in around 4 years.

Our 100% Guarantee is that every system will:

    • Reduce your power bills instantly and possibly eliminate them - as soon as your solar system is installed you begin generating electricity from sunlight. This is either used to power your home or exported to the grid if you are away.
    • Allow you to sell excess power that your system generates for a profit - electricity prices are on the rise, for any excess power that is generated you can be paid almost 4 times what you buy it from making this a smart investment.
    • Receive generous state and federal incentives - depending on where you live you will be eligible for both federal and state incentives
    • Do it's bit for the environment and future generations of Australians - reducing our use of fossil fuels and our impact on future generations can only be seen as a positive.
    • Solar bright supplies premium solar modules manufactured by Hyundai (one of the world's largest companies) and European inverters to ensure every system is of the highest quality
    •  Our products are all fully warranted and installed by accredited installers.