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Solid Flooring System - Hebel® PowerFloor™

Supplier: Guardian Building Products

Hebel® PowerFloor™ is a solid flooring system that provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation to help make living in your home a more comfortable experience.

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PowerFloor™ panels are glued and screwed to timber or steel framing. It is this composite action that results in greater resistance to bounce and flex making Hebel® PowerFloor™ an excellent, stable base for tile, slate, marble and other hard surface flooring. It is also perfectly suited to carpet, vinyl, timber boards and decorative finishes.

A quiet word about first floors
If you are looking at building a two storey home or a second storey addition and you’re concerned about airborne noise in your home, Hebel PowerFloor™ would be an excellent choice for you.

When combined with resilient mounts, the unique structure of PowerFloor™ is particularly resistant to foot fall noise - the most common noise problem in modern, two storey homes.

The low down on suspended ground floors
If you are building on a sloping site, you will more than likely have a suspended floor. The improved thermal efficiency of Hebel PowerFloor™ can contribute significantly to the energy efficiency rating of your home.

In states that insist on new dwellings satisfying certain measurable criteria, Hebel® PowerFloor™ can actually reduce the reliance on other design changes which may be necessary to comply such as double glazing and reduced window sizes. Ask your building designer how Hebel® PowerFloor™ can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

The PowerFloor™ system consists of 75mm steel-reinforced AAC panels screwed and glued to a timber or steel frame. The system complies with all BAL requirements when the subframe is protected from an ignition source and with the unique benefits of acoustic and thermal insulation along with thermal mass, it is the ideal solution in bushfire prone areas.

  • Non-combustible panels
  • Quick to install
  • Good load carrying capacity
  • Solid feel - eliminates the bounce and flex of timber sheet flooring
  • Superior airborne noise insulation
  • Excellent thermal performance - particularly for suspended floors on sloping sites
  • Not affected by weather during installation

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