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Solution for Temperature-controlled Grocery Environments

Supplier: Dematic
27 February, 2018

Dematic has announced a new automated solution for cold chain order fulfilment.

Dematic has announced a new automated solution for cold chain order fulfilment. Proper handling of refrigerated and frozen goods is one of the most challenging tasks in order fulfilment. With the addition of Dematic Multishuttle 2 Freezer, Dematic now offers a complete line of solutions for the cold chain market.  

“Our focus continues to be on reducing operating costs for our customers,” said Darren Rawlinson, Solutions Development Manager at Dematic. “The grocery and food production industries are especially competitive and automation can create an advantage.  

“The Dematic Multishuttle 2 Freezer application offers a high-density, low energy cost solution designed specifically to meet cold chain challenges and return profits quickly. In Australia we already have customers benefiting from this new solution.”  

Specific benefits of Dematic Multishuttle 2 Freezer solution include:

  • Reduced energy use and refrigeration costs 
  • Decreased labour requirements 
  • Improved product handling and FIFO rotation
  • Increased inventory accuracy and full shipment traceability 

Dematic Multishuttle is an automated storage buffer for cartons, totes, trays, containers and individual bundles. All variations of the Multishuttle (static and flex) can now operate at temperatures as low as -30°C, which offers grocers and food manufacturers a full range of energy efficient, high density and high throughput storage solutions for ambient, refrigerated and freezer environments.

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