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Solutions Electrical Software

Solutions Electrical supplies to the market a comprehensive assortment of programs specifically designed for Electrical Contractors, Engineers, Electrical draughtsmen, and anybody associated with the electrical industry.

John wood, an electrical Design Engineer with over 30 years experience in the industry, Wrote,Designed and marketed the product for a number of years.
John was awarded the "Professional of the year" from Cambridge who's who in 2006-07 for Electrical software development (this Software). John is still the IP owner of the software and still develops and updates the software as required.

The Australian sales and marketing rights have been purchased by CCEC Pty.Ltd.

The new owners / distributors have been involved in the electrical industry for many years and pride themselves on customer sales and service.

Solutions Electrical has a number of distributors and they market software throughtout the world with sites in the Australia, USA, UK, India, New Zealand, Maylasia and Singapore.

Solutions Electrical are activley persuing an expansion program in Australia with new and exciting product enhancemants which will be released later in the year.
A forum type website will soon be on line where members will

The benefits were threefold: Outsourcing became a thing of the past and Unnecessary people were removed from "the loop" dramatically reducing costs because now all designs, calculations and drawings could be performed "In-House" by just one person, speeding up the whole design process.

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Our "Smart" Technology can design, Every Cable size in Your Installation.

All you do is input the load, lenght and installation method, then press the design installation button.
The software will let you choose (from the list of compliant cables) the mains and submains and then the software will Automatically choose all the final subcircuits with full information values, including all % voltage drops, actual volt drops, fuse / ciruit breaker sizes, short circuit calculations full parts list and a earth loop test platform that tests the installation for compliance.

Automatically generated "as built single line and three phase schematics drawings are also produced.(can be saved to a CAD fomat)

THE RESULT IS A Precision Engineered Design with NO mistakes.

Software written by end users for end users, easy to input data,no huge data bases to trawl through,acurate results,AS2007 compliant,earth loop calculations made easy,short circuit calcs. at the press of a button,

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