Solutions for Laser Marking Metal

Supplier: Trotec Laser By: Suraya Diamond-Coorey
06 November, 2018

Pastes & sprays to help mark metal with a CO2 laser

You can easily create permanent black markings on metalsglass and ceramics by utilising a CO2 laser and a very special laser marking solution.

By applying a special paste or spray onto the blank surface of metal, glass or ceramic, CO2 lasers can easily produce a permanent black marking. This application, which would otherwise be impossible without a Fiber laser, is highly sought after and will help you achieve high contrasts in your results. When marking like this, your results are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses as well as high temperatures. Marking sprays and pastes are very popular among applications that require high contrast and durability, making products like markSolid, Cermark and Spectrumark ideal for all your metal marking needs.

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markSolid is recommended for creating crisp, black marks on almost any metallic surface. The liquid can be applied with a brush, foam or airbrush and the spray-can itself is very high quality, minimising the risk of it clogging over time. The marks produced when using markSolid have very high chemical resistance, good abrasion resistance and very good colour coverage.

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Thermark & Cermark

The Thermark & Cermark product series are both specifically designed to create high-quality black markings on a very wide range of substrates. The contrast, resolution and durability of these markings make Thermark and Cermark the ideal solution for barcoding, product serialisation, logos and even decorative markings.

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Spectrumark is a high-quality product that delivers permanent markings on a wide variety of metals using a common CO2 laser. It is sold as a concentrated powder, which is very economical. The product is easy to use and is not classed as a ‘dangerous good’ when being transported. Spectrumark creates high resistant markings on stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium, nickel, silver and many other metals.

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Unusual Metals

Some metals have chemical properties that make them particularly difficult to mark with a CO2 laser, even with the help of metal marking solutions like markSolid, Cermark/Thermark and Spectrumark. Examples of these metals include brass and raw aluminium. Rest assured, it is possible to mark these metals with your CO2 laser and a marking solution, but meticulous care and effort needs to be taken every time.

Brass and aluminium often have a slightly porous surface which can hinder your marking results. They are also not the best materials available if you’re after a consistent, repeatable result. Due to the inconsistency of these materials, it is very important to follow all instructions available when using metal marking solutions. If you’re unsure or unconfident, we highly advise you to contact us - our team of laser and application experts will be happy to advise you. Alternatively, we suggest substituting your material for something easier to work with. For example, stainless steel is a great choice for its reliability, durability and ease of use.

It is also important to note that materials like raw aluminium and brass can be easily and efficiently marked with a fiber laser machine, without the use of external marking solutions. Read more about Fiber and Flexx laser machines below: