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Solving Australian manufacturing CEOs top challenges

Supplier: Redstack
17 October, 2016

The Australian Industry Group recently published their National CEO Survey report.

The Australian Industry Group recently published their National CEO Survey report. This report identifies a number of key issues facing manufacturing CEOs today.  

The report identifies the top impedents to growth for manufacturing industries as:

  • Lack of customer demand
  • High and/or variable exchange rate
  • Flexibility of industrial relations
  • Skills shortages
  • Government regulatory burden
  • Competition from imports / internet sellers
  • Wage pressures / high wage costs

The report also identifies the most important business strategies and priorities for manufacturers as:

  • Introducing new products and services
  • Improving sales of current products and services
  • Developing new domestic markets
  • Developing new overseas markets
  • Donwsizing / reducing operational costs
  • Increasing online presence and capability
  • Increasing advertising and marketing

Some of the key highlights from the report, specific to the manufacturing industry include:

  • Manufacturing CEOs expect lack of customer demand (27%) to be the main challenge facing their business in 2016
  • Wage cost pressures have risen in the past few years with 16% of respondents ranking it within their top three inhibitors of business growth for 2016
  • Competition from imports remains a concern with 15% of CEOs believing it to constrain business
  • Foreign exchange rates are a concern for 15% of CEOs in 2016
  • In response to these risks, manufacturing CEOs plan to introduce new products and services (26%) and improve sales of current products and services (25%). These have been the main two strategies of manufacturing businesses for the past three years. 
  • Introducing new products and services has increased as a growth strategy for businesses from 20% in 2014 to 23% in 2015 and 26% in 2016. Improving sales of current products and services has seen a similar rise in popularity as a business strategy from 21% in 2014 to 23% in 2015 and 25% in 2016. 
  • Developing domestic markets (18%) has also increased as a growth strategy in consecutive years, as well as developing new export markets, in line with the lower Australian dollar. 
  • Downsizing and reducing operational costs has fallen in popularity as a growth strategy since 2014. In 2015, 57% of manufacturing CEOs adjusted their business plans in response to changing business conditions. 
  • Changes to plans included greater emphasis on exports, including finding and developing new markets, increased marketing efforts and further investment in machinery and equipment.
  • Diversification was also a common theme in changes to business strategy, particularly for those manufacturers in the process of exiting the automotive industry.
  • For those whose revised strategies included reducing costs, decreasing staff was the most common change stated.
  • Several respondents mentioned the introduction, re-introduction or renewed interested in lean processes

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