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Solving real-life imaging challenges using the ImSpector series of hyperspectral sensors

Supplier: Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd

Introducing V10M ImSpector: part of Specim's hyperspectral camera suite, designed to solve a variety of challenging imaging situations.

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Known for the highest performance at the lowest budget in the market, Specim is a global pioneer in hyperspectral imaging products manufacturing  a variety of leading-edge, spectral-imaging components, optimised for harsh conditions.

Deployable in laboratories, near production lines, on-line, in the field and in the air, the ImSpector series are built with specifications to meet the most demanding requirements for target detection with a wide swath width for efficiency in airborne uses. Specifically, the V10M Imspector has been designed with superior performance for airborne and industrial quality control applications.

Employing unique spectrographic technologies, the ImSpector spectrographs work as an add-on optical component that changes an area-scan camera to a spectral line-imaging device. Adding this functionality to a camera means that full, continuous spectral information for each pixel in a line can be imaged with high-spatial and high-spectral resolution.

Specific applications for Specim hyperspectral imaging products include:
  • Colour inspection and sorting  
  • Forensics   
  • Chemical imaging   
  • Life sciences
  • Process and quality control, process analytical technology (PAT)
  • Recycling
  • Photovolaics and semiconductors   
  •  Geology   
  • Remote sensing.
About the V10M ImSpector
Specim has responded to market demand by launching this new, high-resolution hyperspectral imaging spectrograph, the V10M ImSpector, designed with the dimensions and exceptional performance necessary for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Its use is not limited solely to this type of application, however, and it can be deployed to solve a variety of other challenging situations.

The noteworthy performance from this light-weight spectrograph is delivered in a format optimised to fit into small payload compartments and gimbals.

Operating in the VIS/NIR range of 380 to 1000 nm, the V10M provides negligible sub-pixel distortions with an excellent  1300 pixels spatial resolution and with an uncompromised imaging speed of 100 frames-per-second.

Impressive optical light throughput, together with the most advanced and sensitive detector technology available guarantees an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

Read more at: http://www.adept.net.au/news/newsletter/201009-sep/specim_V10M.shtml