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Soundproofing an Office or Call Centre

Supplier: Melfoam Acoustics
12 March, 2015

Offices & call centres with hard reflective surfaces is a recipe for acoustic problems such as echoes or unwanted loud noise.

Melfoam Acoustics can resolve these noise or echo problems through the use of acoustic panels or acoustic foam products which are highly effective at absorbing all the sound reflections and hence will keep the office quiet, even in busy times.
the modern offices and call centres today, management has tended to allow architects to design what we call an open office environment.  These large rooms are often filled with many work stations and are a hive of human activity.  In to keep a harmonised work environment so that the staff are not affected by loud conversations going on around them, the installation of an acoustic ceiling or acoustic wall panels will keep noise levels low. 
The advantages of such an "Open office environment" is good work flows and it is very easy to talk to a fellow colleagues about business related matters, often without having to get up and leave your desk.
The disadvantage with this office layouts is that it is very easy to get distracted by one person who talks on the phone too loud.  Often partitions which are constructed from foam and fabric laminates will be setup around individual work stations in the belief that they will absorb noise and thus keep the room quiet.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  These partitions usually have a foam layer in them which is no more than 2-3 mm in thickness.  At these low thickness levels it is impossible that they could absorb any significant amount of noise.

The only way to reduce noise levels in the office is with some form of acoustic foam insulation. 
Products that can be used to acoustically treat the offices & call centres
  1. Acoustic wall panels  
  2. Acoustic ceiling panels
  3. Acoustic Baffles
  4. Acoustic Ribbons
  5. Acoustic Clouds

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