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Soundproofing panels' supplier can help you design a safe worksite

Supplier: Noise Control Engineering
04 November, 2013

Future-ready industrial organisations know that it is important to make an investment in a solid health and safety management process if they want to build growth for the business, enhance the credibility of the company and uphold the welfare of their people.

For factories, plant facilities, processing zones and other industrial work areas where the processes and equipment may generate a large amount and high intensity of noise, it is critical that their occupational safety policies also highlight measures that ensure the noise level complies with legislation and industry standards on safeguarding a safe auditory environment.

Implementing a solid industrial noise control strategy can be a complex task. First, you need to make an inspection of the environment by using the appropriate measurement methods for accurately assessing the level of noise in the area. You need to identify the sources of the sound.

You have to determine the ways the sound waves could be controlled in order to reduce or minimise the intensity of noise that reaches the areas where the workers are situated. You need to design the right noise control plan which will be used as the primary framework for the decisions you’ll make regarding sound safety.

This plan will also contain information such as the types of soundproofing solutions you need, which will most likely include sound proofing panels, materials and installations. Experts say soundproof noise control panels is a most versatile and effective way of eliminating noise in dynamic areas such as industrial facilities.

Using the panels allows you to utilise two of the best known methods of noise hazard control: one is to apply a direct action or barrier at the source of the sound being generated, and the second is to confine the sound itself. The panels can be used in strategic places in the site in combination with other sound control components such as soundproof walls and doors, acoustic louvres and acoustic enclosures. 

How can we help?

Our soundproofing engineers have the skills, tools and experience needed to accomplish the task and can provide an accurate report of your facility's noise situation. Our industrial noise control technicians can visit your facility to implement a 21-point site evaluation, or we can make the assessment based on the illustrated and text specifications you provide.

After this inspection we can then determine the dimensions, installation type and other specifications of the soundproofing panels your business requires.