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Special CD replication offer from iDigital

Supplier: iDigital Australia
20 May, 2011

iDigital would like to extend an offer of ordering 250 CDs or DVDs and get 500 or order 250 CDs or DVDs and get 250 for free.

CDs and DVDs are Australian Owned and manufactured, and are also anti piracy certified and are manufactured under OSO quality control.

CD Replication is the process where the highest quality CDs are made by cutting the digital content into a Glass Master, and then creating metal stampers which are placed injection moulds to press the content onto polycarbonate which has been injected into the mould at high temperature

The replicated disc then has an aluminium layer coated onto it to enable a CD player’s laser to read the disc. The final process is completed with a sealing lacquer coating to ensure the durability and longevity of the CD.

The CD is then ready to be printed on the disc face (via either offset or silkscreen printing) and then to be packed as required.

This replication process is how all CDs are manufactured if they are to be sold at retail. Generally speaking the process can take between 5-10 working days depending on the packaging.

CD Replication is best suited for runs from 500 and above.

CD Duplication (also known as burning), is the process where blank discs are pre-purchased which have a coloured dye on them.

Digital information is transferred to the blank disc by ‘burning’ the information into the dye on the disc. This is similar to burning which can be done on most home computers although using professional equipment ensures a much more reliable and higher quality result. Once the discs have been duplicated then they can be printed generally by either inkjet or thermal printing. The Duplicated discs can then be packed as required.

CD Duplication is best suited to runs below 500 and promotional Discs and for urgent turnarounds. They can be manufactured in as little as 24 hours upwards depending on the packaging, printing required.