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Specialty Film | PolyGard

Supplier: Film Pacific

Specialty Film, PolyGard is specifically designed for application to polycarbonate or acrylic glazing.

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Specialty Film | PolyGard

Both products are easy to install, but more importantly, do not leave adhesive on the plastic, if for some reason they need to be removed. The silver film can be used either internally or externally and offers excellent heat rejection. The clear film offers exceptionally high-clarity glazing protection, and is for internal use only.

Film Pacific’s PolyGard films for rigid plastic glazing are PET-based films, clear or metallised, with a scratch resistant hardcoat on the top surface. The metallised Silver film provides high solar energy rejection, whilst the Clear film offers exceptionally high-clarity glazing protection.

The Plastic Glazing Challenge

Every installer knows that applying standard window film to plastic glazing results in ugly blisters and ruined plastic. The options have been either to turn down a glazing project, risk complaint, or pay premium prices for problematic or fast-degrading films. Until now...

The PolyGard Solution

The new polyester based PolyGard films, for polycarbonate and acrylic rigid glazing, share the same crisp optical clarity and superior solar performance as all our window films. The PolyGard range of high performance films provide see-through solar control, retaining light and view whilst controlling heat build-up and glare. PolyGard films are available in Clear 4mil SR, for internal application and Silver 20 SR, for both external and internal use.

Sun Control

PolyGard Silver 20 transforms polycarbonate or acrylic glazed areas, reducing over-heating, glare and the fading of your furniture. How? By rejecting 82% of solar energy, cutting glare by 80% and Blocking 99% of UV radiation.

PolyGard Silver 20 tackles the heat build up and glare that can make conservatories, atriums and enclosed pool areas unbearable. Traditional solutions of unsightly shades or blinds do little to reduce temperatures and, like PVC films, block the view.

PolyGard Silver 20 window film transforms polycarbonate or acrylic glazed areas by helping to control overheating and glare, whilst preserving the interior transparency of the glazing.

Thanks to a special scratch resistant coating suitable for both external and internal installation, the film cleans easily, without damaging the underlying glazing layer. PolyGard Silver 20 is warranted for 3 years for external use and 8 years for internal application.

Clear protection

Since polycarbonate is easily scratched, either accidentally when cleaned, or at the hands of a graphic vandal, Film Pacific also offers PolyGard 4-mil Clear SR film for interior application. The film provides the protection to help keep polycarbonate and acrylic as good as the day installed, whilst the scratch resistant coating shrugs off most graffiti sprays, paints and pens, wiping clean with basic cleaning materials.

Removing and replacing scratched or scuffed film is simple—any adhesive residue rubs off without damaging the plastic. This makes PolyGard Clear film ideal for installation in public areas such as stadiums, bus shelters or walkways, or for application on safety guards, revolving doors or teller windows. The film is suitable for interior application, and carries and 8-year warranty.

PolyGard Features

  • PolyGard Clear can be installed internally
  • PolyGard Silver can be installed internally or externally
  • Films feature a special pressure sensitive adhesive developed for adhesion to rigid plastic glazing such as polycarbonate or PMMA.
  • Films offered have scratch resistant coatings for exterior and interior application, or solely for interior application.
  • 99% UV rejection.