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Spectrum Analyzers - Tektronix RSA3000 Series Midrange

Supplier: TekMark Australia

The RSA3000 Series Mid-Range Spectrum Analyzers deliver performance capabilities, including DPX Live RF spectrum display and frequency masked trigger, for complete time-correlated analysis in the frequency, time and modulation domains.

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The mid-range performance RSA3000 Series delivers the measurement confidence you need in your radio design or spectrum management tasks. Perform vector, spectrum, power, signal source and audio analysis, all from within a single measurement instrument.

When using the unique DPX Live RF spectrum display, you will also discover spectrum events other analyzers will miss.

Features & Benefits

  • Discover
    • DPX Live RF spectrum display provides an intuitive understanding of time-varying RF signals with color-graded displays based on frequency of occurrence
    • Revolutionary DPX displays transients with >48,000 spectrum measurements per second
  • Trigger
    • Tektronix exclusive Frequency Mask Trigger (FMT) offers easy event-based capture of transient RF signals by triggering on any change in the frequency domain
  • Capture
    • DC to 8 GHz frequency range
    • All signals in spans up to 36 MHz are captured into memory
    • Up to 1.28 s acquisition length at 36 MHz bandwidth provides complete analysis over time without making multiple acquisitions
    • Fully preselected and image-free at all times for full dynamic range at any capture bandwidth
    • Interfaces with TekConnect probes for RF probing
    • Differential IQ input available
  • Analyze
    • Extensive time-correlated vector spectrum analysis. Multidomain displays connect problems in Time, Frequency, Phase, and Amplitude for quicker understanding of cause and effect when troubleshooting
    • Power measurements and signal statistics help you characterize components and systems: ACLR, Power vs. Time, CCDF, PDF, and real-time spectrum emission measurement with user-defined spectrum emission mask
    • Pulse measurements including Pulse Width, Duty Cycle, and Pulse-to-Pulse Phase
    • Offline analysis available with RSAVu software
    • Analog demodulation analysis including Baseband, AM, FM, and PM measurements
    • Audio distortion analysis of Baseband, AM, and FM with real-time spectrogram and graphical display of harmonics and spurious. Wide choices of lowpass filters, highpass filters, bandpass filters, and de-emphasis settings.
  • Applications
    • RF debug of components, modules, or systems
    • Find interference and unknown signals in spectrum monitoring and management
    • Analyze time-variant behavior of standards-based and other radio systems
    • Software Defined Radio (SDR) and field tactical radio transceiver measurements
    • Characterize radar and pulsed RF signals
    • Powerful vector signal analyzer functionality and signal source analysis capability
    • Broad range of standard-specific options for analysis of RFID, 3GPP, 3GPP2, LTE (using RSALTE), WiMAX (using RSA-IQWIMAX), and WLAN systems
    • Comprehensive analog demodulation and audio distortion measurement for tactical radio and sonar systems