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Spectrum Analyzers - Tektronix RSA6000 Performance Series

Supplier: TekMark Australia

The RSA6100 Series Performance Real Time Spectrum Analyzers integrate revolutionary DPX Live RF spectrum display with industry-leading dynamic range and bandwidth combination.

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The high-performance RSA6000 Series will help you easily discover design issues that other spectrum analyzers will miss. Its industry-leading dynamic range and bandwidth combination, coupled with the unique DPX Live RF spectrum display, gives you immediate confidence in the stability of your design, or instantly displaying a fault when it occurs.

Features & Benefits

RSA6000 Series 6.2, 14, and 20 GHz Spectrum Analyzers
  • High-performance Spectrum Analysis
    • 20 dBm Third-order Intercept at 2 GHz, typical
    • Displayed Average Noise Level -151 dBm/Hz at 2 GHz (-170 dBm/Hz, Preamp On, typical) Enables Low-level Signal Search
    • ±0.5 dB Absolute Amplitude Accuracy to 3 GHz for High Measurement Confidence
    • Fully Preselected and Image Free at All Times for Maximum Dynamic Range at Any Acquisition Bandwidth
    • Fastest High-resolution Sweep Speed: 1 GHz Sweep in 10 kHz RBW in less than 1 Second
  • Discover
    • DPX Spectrum Processing provides an Intuitive Understanding of Time-varying RF Signals with Color-graded Displays based on Frequency of Occurrence
    • Revolutionary DPX Displays Transients with a Minimum Event Duration of 10.3 µs
    • Swept DPX Spectrum Enables Unprecedented Signal Discovery over Full Instrument Span
  • Trigger
    • Trigger on Transients with a Minimum Event Duration of 10.3 µs in the Frequency Domain, 20 ns in Time Domain
    • DPX Density™ Trigger Activated Directly from DPX Display
    • Time-qualified and Runt Triggers Trap Elusive Transients
    • Frequency Mask Trigger Captures any Change in Frequency Domain
  • Capture
    • All Signals up to 110 MHz Spans are Captured into Memory
    • Up to 1.7 s Acquisitions at 110 MHz Bandwidth Provides Complete Analysis without making Multiple Acquisitions
    • Interfaces with TekConnect Probes for RF Probing
  • Analyze
    • Time-correlated Multidomain Displays for Quicker Understanding of Cause and Effect when Troubleshooting
    • Power, Spectrum, and Statistics Measurements Help You Characterize Components and Systems: Channel Power, ACLR, Power vs. Time, CCDF, OBW/EBW, and Spur Search
    • EMI Diagnostics with CISPR and Mil/-6 dB filters and CISPR Quasi-peak Average and Peak Detectors
    • Phase Noise and Jitter Measurements (Opt. 11)
    • Pulse Measurements (Opt. 20) - Over 20 Vector and Scalar Parameters including Rise Time, Pulse Width, Pulse-to-Pulse Phase Provide Deep Insight into Pulse Train Behavior
    • General Purpose Digital Modulation Analysis (Opt. 21) Provides Vector Signal Analyzer Functionality for Over 20 Modulation Types
    • Tektronix OpenChoice makes for Easy Transfer to a Variety of Analysis Programs such as Excel and MATLAB
  • Spectrum Management - Find Interference and Unknown Signals
  • Radar/EW - Full Characterization of Pulsed and Hopping Systems Characterize Radar and Pulsed RF Signals
  • RF Debug - Components, Modules, and Systems
  • Radio/Satellite Communications - Analyze Time-variant Behavior of Cognitive Radio and Software-defined Radio Systems
  • EMI Diagnostics – Increase Confidence that Designs will Pass Compliance Testing