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Spectrum Rubber offers customised services to suit any job

Supplier: MVR Industrial
22 September, 2008

Although Spectrum Rubber started off 30 years ago as a company that provides a number of rubber mouldings and extrusions for the automotive business, it has expanded over the years to make a wide range of products for many more industries.

Some of the industries it now services include the campervan, caravan, marine, railway and garbage industries, as well as schools.

Christopher Redwood, the chief executive officer for Spectrum Rubber, says the company expanded to meet the needs of a wide variety of companies that require their kind of products.

“People from many different industries need to fill a gap, fill a hole or make things air tight and that’s primarily what all of our products are used for. It’s about making something seal against each other. We offer all sorts of rubber creations that come in different shapes and sizes. Some are rectangular, round, etc.. They can be used anywhere, from putting sealing off concrete to keep train doors air tight.”

Although Spectrum Rubber has over 9,000 off the shelf products available for purchase, it also prides itself on being able to provide custom manufactured services.

“If there is an application that you like, but you don’t think we’ve got it, don’t worry – just come and talk to us at any time because there’s a big chance that we can get it made for you. Yes, we have a large range of rubber door seals and window seals for the automotive industry, but we can also mould on request too. When we talk about mouldings, we can do almost everything in-house,” says Chris.

The company also sells Armacell® pipe insulation. Paul Justin, the national sales and marketing manager, says that this pipe insulation can, for example, be used to protect water pipes and it is also fire retardant.

“It’s probably one of the best pipe insulations in Australia for being fire retardant.

In addition the company markets Armasport® play tubes which comes in different shapes and sizes and was originally designed for playgrounds to protect kids. It can protect people in many different industries from impact injuries such as hitting an overhead steel pipe with their head. So it seals and protects at the same time.

Justin adds that Armasport® is made to European standards, not Australia ones. 

“They have been used in Europe for years and there’s a great market out there for it.”

When I visited the office recently, a member of the team was busy moulding a train door gasket to be shipped to a train company based in Hong Kong.

“We have made many rubber seals before in the past like this one, such as the ones used for the Millennium trains in Australia. The seal keeps out the wind, noise and rain. As for the job in Hong Kong, the idea is to allow it to keep on protecting the train from wind, noise and rain when they go through tunnels and come out the other end. The moulds are designed to deal with the pressure differential inside and outside of the tunnel. This means that when they expand they can still keep sealing the train. So there’s a lot to it really.”

Chris adds that what he loves most about the company is the fact that he has a great team of people working for him and together they all try to come up with creative solutions for their customers.

“To me, the business is about how we can care for our customers and give them what they want, at a competitive price. That way, hopefully they’ll come back and do business with us again. For us, no job is too big or too small. We are open to any projects and a lot of our customers end up becoming our friends rather than being numbers on the wall. That is very important to us.”