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Speed Nuts

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Speed nuts are the only fastening devices that provide a compensating thread lock and a self-energising spring lock. Two distinct forces are exerted on the screw as the speed nut is tightened.

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First, a compensating thread lock, the two arched prongs moving inward to engage and lock against the flanks of the screw thread. These free-acting prongs compensate for tolerance variations.

Second, a self-energising spring lock, created by the compression of the arch in both the prongs and base, as the screw is tightened. The combined forces of the thread lock and spring lock definitely eliminate vibration loosening.

Functional advantages of Speed Nuts

  • Faster to apply due to free running fit on threads. 
  • Self locking, thus eliminating the need for lock washers whilst reducing the number of components. 
  • Can be re-used as they always return to their original shape. 
  • The fastening load is spread over a greater bearing area than conventional nuts. 
  • Retapping operations are eliminated as thread forms will not clog due to excess build up of paint or vitreous enamel as experienced with ordinary nuts. 
  • Vitreous enamel, glass and plastic components can be firmly assembled eliminating the risk of subsequent damage arising from vibration. 
  • Due to their flexible design, Speed Nuts possess the advantages of immediate adaptability to special assembly requirements. 
  • Speed Nuts are the only fastening providing a combination of a compensating thread lock and self energising spring lock which together form a vibration proof force. 

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