Spherical tank for water or chemicals

Supplier: Australian Agricultural Machinery
21 November, 2012

Another innovation, the Jetstream Boomspray Spherical Tank is the "strongest known shape to man".

Regardless of the kind of terrain or movement of the tank, water stays level, therefore no baffles are required. If a chemical tries to fall out of suspension, the tank being a sphere with no baffles or dead corners, any chemical sediment will settle at the suction agitation jet area, because the bottom of the tank is one big sump with no dead corners. Regardless of terrain product always remains in the sump of the tank (no air suction).

With these features a minimum amount of spray agitation is required to keep the high concentration of water chemical mixture required for low volume spraying, in full suspension

Even in areas of significant undulation and rough terrain, the spherical tank will provide smooth transport without surging. The pump will not draw air into the systems liquid will always remain in the sump of the tank.

Tank agitation

The industry for years has made the statement that 1/3 of the capacity or volume from the pump should be returned to the tank for agitation. Jetstream was not satisfied with this, as volume of return did not necessarily do a good job of agitation. In tests they found that high-speed velocity of return was the best answer not volume and the best mixing results were achieved at approximately 80 KM/H (48 MPH).

Due to the spherical tank design of the Jetstream Boomspray, the sprayer tank requires very little agitation to keep chemical in suspension.

Main tank agitation orifices

Found inside the main tank just above the sump, there are two brass agitation orifices. The spray agitator returns approximately 9 per cent of total liquid from the main pump and provides continuous agitation into the main tank when you are in spray mode (SPRAY ON) or agitation mode (SPRAY OFF) . This ensures that tank mixture stays in suspension whenever the drive system is activated. The full agitation orifice provides tank agitation by restricting liquid flow to the tank when the ground drive is activated and the Jetstream Boomspray is in agitation mode (SPRAY OFF) .

The "Spray Agitation" orifice provides a lower volume agitation at high velocity and only functions when the machine is in spray "ON" mode.

The "Full Agitation" provides higher volume agitation when the drive pin is engaged but the unit is in spray "OFF" mode. It also serves as a return orifice for the 12-volt agitation pump.