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Spice Extracts

Supplier: Columbit Australia

Columbit Australia supplies standardized extracts from spices and herbs with naturally superior microbiological quality from Kalsec.

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Kalsec® Aquaresins® Water and Oil Dispersible Spice and Herb Extracts, and Natural Colours

Spice and herb Oleoresins have played an important role in the processed food industry for more than forty years. Makers of prepared foods and food ingredients rely on oleoresins for consistent, natural, and reproducible flavor, aroma, and color. The advantages of quality oleoresins are widely recognized. These include:
- consistent flavor and aroma
- consistent color from natural sources
- superior microbiological quality
- reduced warehouse space
- longer shelf life
- economy

Aquaresin® spices, herbs, and natural colors are innovations that provide functional and economic benefits to producers of processed foods and beverages. Kalsec® combines extraction expertise and basic manufacturing capability with patented natural emulsification systems to produce water and oil dispersible Aquaresins®. They provide you with the traditional advantages of our oleoresins and the functional benefits described in this section.

Black and White Pepper Extracts

Although very different in appearance, flavor, and aroma, black and white pepper are obtained from the same botanical source. They are the fruit or berries of Piper nigrum L., harvested at different stages of maturity, and processed in distinctly different ways.

Pepper, in all its forms, is used as a source of flavor and pungency in prepared foods and as a "table applied seasoning" in cuisines around the world. Quite remarkable in view of the fact that, unlike many other popular herbs and spices, it can be cultivated only in tropical climates.

Black pepper is comprised principally of immature, unripened berries. During drying, the exterior of the berry, the epicarp and mesocarp, is blackened by enzymatically catalyzed oxidation reactions. The interior of the berry, the endocarp, remains unaffected and retains its white to off-white appearance.

White pepper, selected for Kalsec® extract, is the fully ripened berry. Ripening is marked by a change in color from green to red. Because ripening does not occur uniformly, harvesting requires laborious careful hand selection. The ripe berries are processed using a procedure known as "retting". This includes three steps: soaking; washing to remove the epicarp and mesocarp; followed by drying. The soaking step is usually performed in ambient temperature water with berries held in burlap bags. During the seven to fourteen day process, fermentation softens the epicarp and mesocarp allowing it to be easily removed during the washing step. Finally, the fermented endocarp is dried yielding a white to yellowish-white berry. Color is only a superficial difference. This fermentation process yields a distinct flavor profile. "White pepper" from which the epicarp and mesocarp have been removed by abrasion or other physical processes (mechanically decorticated) does not have the classic fermented flavor and aroma of true white pepper.

Leek, Shallot and Chive

Aquaresins® of Leek, Shallot, and Chive are natural allium extracts designed for “culinary quality” applications. Their consistent flavor, ease-of-use, and superior microbiological quality sets them apart from fresh, frozen or dehydrated alternatives.

They deliver the subtle but distinct flavor of these alliums to prepared foods. Consider the advantages:

Consistent, Authentic Flavor Quality
Kalsec®’s extraction methods and Aquaresin® delivery system result in immediate, consistent, impact-full flavor. Alternatives, like dehydrated and frozen frequently fall short in terms of consistency and flavor quality.

Guaranteed Natural
You are guaranteed 100% natural extractives of Leek, Shallot, and Chive. "Natural Flavor" labeling is simple and appealing to consumers. Alternatively, "Natural leek, shallot, or chive flavor" is also appropriate. Kalsec®'s Aquaresins® of Leek, Shallot, and Chive are non-GMO and sulfite free.