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Supplier: Superspill Solutions

Spill kits are utilized to control, contain and tidy up spills. They contain a range of accessories and adornments that permit administrators to rapidly contain and clean spills.

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This product is available in multiple types and sizes. Spill kits are supplied in a range of standard holders from wheelie bins to convey packs and incorporate a variety of sponges designed, made and colour coded for a particular assignment.


  • In petrochemical industry
  • In General workplace


  • Easy Storage and portability. It can be taken quickly at emergency location with ease
  • Quick Response to various spills
  • Multiple equipment in a pack that can handle different spills
  • Flexible materials for land or water based clean-up
  • Designed to absorb oil and related hydrocarbons


  • Spill Kits are intended for super-quick fluid spill reaction. Suggested for use on hydrocarbons, paints, solvents and non-forceful chemicals. It is simple to use and could be used for a range of applications. Spill Kits contain premium quality cushions, blasts and free absorbents.
  • Spill unit defender, intended for all round spill pack insurance. Deflecting the spill pack from being utilized as a rubbish bin. High-vis, simple crisis spills unit identification, for super speedy spill reaction.
  • Bio Hazard Spill Kits are intended for use on waste, vomit, blood, urine and dung. Extraordinary Fibre-lock TM Technology locks wetness and scent into empty filaments. Simple to utilize devices to maintain a strategic distance from contact with unsafe waste.
  • Specifically intended for cleaning-up cytotoxic compound spills, both fluid and powder structure. This product can likewise be utilized on body liquids. This spill unit is supplied in a fixed bucket and contains fitting individual defensive protective equipment for spill reaction staff to approach the spill securely.
  • Spill packs are of various styles and wall mounted spill units is among one of them. These spill units are joined to different surfaces to facilitate usability.