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Spill Pac’s Spill Kits

Supplier: Spill Control

Spills can be extremely hazardous and costly. Rapid and precise identification of a spill source is paramount to resolving the issue quickly and with the least amount of damage. Preparedness solutions from Spill Pac, allow you to label a potential spill source, enabling faster reaction procedures in case of emergency.

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Spill Pac’s spill kits include easily identifiable, labelled sorbents and pads to satisfy all your potential spill requirements.

General Purpose Spill Kits
This multi purpose spill kit is compact but offers superior performance, and is suitable for most of your spill containment requirements.

  • 45cm x 48 cm x 7.6cm in dimension
  • Easy to store, but does not compromise on quality
  • Capability of containing up to a 40L spill
  • Purpose designed to absorb any non-aggressive chemicals, coolants, solvents or oils

Reduce the possibility of contamination to drains and waterways and minimise your business’ risk of being fined, by having a general purpose spill kit on hand.

Oil Only Spill Kits
For the specialised resolution of oil or oil-based fluid spills, Spill Pac present their unique oil only spill kit.

  • Deceptively small in size, yet able to absorb up to ten gallons of liquid
  • Used to obstruct spill’s passage to drains and waterways
  • Vacuum packed and with a tamper proof design
  • Versatile and can be customised to suit to your particular business requirements
  • The pack includes pads, sorb-sox, gloves and a disposal bag.

Chemical Spill Kits
Chemical spills can be particularly hazardous. As such, Spill Pac have introduced a chemical specific spill kit to their range. Ideal for the most efficient absorption of aggressive

  • Chemicals
  • Coolants
  • Acids
  • Solvents

Spill Pac’s easy to use colour coded system enables you to easily address your chemical spill concerns.

Battery Spill Kits
Battery acid is particularly toxic and hazardous to the environment. Spill Pac’s battery spill kit is ideal for

  • Soaking up spills
  • Preventing floor, drain or ground contamination

Marine Only Spill Kits
Marine environments are delicate and protected. Spill prevention and reactionary procedures are vital concerns.

  • Effectively eliminate fuel, hydraulic fluids and other oils from wherever a spill has occurred.
  • Spill Pac marine only spill kits are even effective for use in open water.

Spill Pac’s range of spill kits make management of spills easier and provide peace of mind.

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