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SpillSmart Containment Products - Socks

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SpillSmart containment products have been designed to compliment the SpillSmart Absorbent range to provide a total spill control system.

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SpillSmart pillows, socks and booms all contain materials that are fully biodegradable. The covers for each product are made from natural cotton products.

In addition within the filler there are microbes present that are capable of bioremediating (eating) hydrocarbons such as, oil, fuel and grease.

SpillSmart Pillows, Pads, Socks and Booms cater for many emergencies, assisting to contain any liquid spill so that a proper clean-up can be undertaken after the initial spill is safely & responsibly contained.

SpillSmart Socks

Organic Absorbent Socks - Universal

EnviroSmart manufacturers a range of organic socks for land based spills. These socks are all organic and biologically active to assist in the bioremediation of absorbed oils.

Primarily designed as a barrier and are widely used in our spill kits for workshops. We have a standard range, but are able to manufacture to suit your requirements.


  • General purpose socks for absorption of oil and water based liquids & drips.
  • Easy to mould and shape around leaky equipment and machinery.

Organic Absorbent Socks - Oil Only

These socks are an organic alternative to floating oil only poly socks. Made from 100% cellulose and cotton outer, they are oil only and therefore float on water for containment and absorption or use on spills in wet weather.


  • Repel water, great for outdoors
  • Flexible, easy to shape and mould
  • Absorb up to 15 times their weight in oil-only spills

Polypropylene Absorbent Socks - Oil Only

Polypropylene Absorbent Socks – Oil Only are hydrocarbon specific and can be used on land in wet conditions, on water or when an organic boom is not applicable.

Also, they can be located in drains or where a mixture of oil / fuel and water is present on land. They are made with a tough but absorbent Poly spun bonded outer and filled with poly particulate.


  • Can be used on land in wet conditions or on water.
  • Flexible, easy to shape and mould