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Spindle Probes

Supplier: Dimac Tooling

There are a variety of Spindle Probes available from Dimac Tooling.

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Model Number: 0MP40
Brand: Renishaw

Spindle Probes - Renishaw 0MP40:
The OMP40 is one of the smallest machining center probes in the world. Compact in diameter and length, this 3D spindle-mounted probe is ideally suited to compact machining centers while retaining industry leading battery life.

Probing can provide set-up time reductions of up to 90%, reduce scrap caused by setting errors, reduce fixture costs, and improve process control.

The OMP40 uses proven Renishaw technology, but miniaturisation of electronics has allowed the development of an ultra-compact probe, with no compromise in metrology performance.

Features and Benefits of Spindle Probes - Renishaw 0MP40

  • Compact 3D touch trigger inspection probe (X, Y, Z) can quickly measure surfaces on any plane
  • OMI and OMM/MI12 compatible optical transmission through full 360 maximises the working envelope
  • Compatible with single touch and double touch probing cycles for speed and accuracy
  • Standard battery life of over 200 hours continuous user the equivalent of 170 days at 5% use for low maintenance operation
  • Repeatability 0.001mm at 480mm/min with 50mm styli
  • Probe switch-on selectable between M-code and auto-start
  • Sealed to IPX8 and designed for the machine tool environment

Model Number: MP10
Brand: Renishaw

Spindle Probes - Renishaw MP10
Designed to suit a wide range of applications, the MP10 spindle probe features 360 signal transmission and a range that makes it suitable for most vertical and horizontal machining centers.

The MP10 is available with 70 or 35 transmission LEDs. An angle of 70 between the transmission LEDs and the spindle axis provides the optimum relationship between probe and optical receiver for most installations. The MP10 35 probe has been designed to suit applications with restricted line of sight between the probe and the machine-mounted receiver, whether this is due to workpiece or machine configuration.

The MP10 is compatible with the OMI receiver for the simplest installation on smaller machines and with the OMM/MI12 interface combination for medium-size machines. The MP10E and the OMME/MI12E combinations are available for larger machines.

Features and Benefits of Spindle Probes - Renishaw MP10

  • Accurate in any sensing direction for inspection of contoured parts
  • Stylus lengths up to 150 mm for probing features inside of components
  • Adjustable transmission range to suit the application and minimise battery consumption
  • Long battery life using power management and the latest LED technology to maximise uptime
  • Infra red filters provide immunity from noise generated by lamps and other sources in the machine environment
  • Coded transmission protocol ensures that the CNC is always aware of the status of the probe, protecting the probe, the part and the machine
  • Sealed to IP68 and designed for the machine tool environment