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Spinefex is family owned and operated. The Company formed in 1997.

Spinefex is noted for its personal service and hands-on approach. All of the products sold by Spinefex demonstrate our commitment to electrical safety and quality. It is a vision of Spinefex to always be looking for opportunities to expand its product base with quality products to improve site safety and provide innovative solutions to a range of customers needs.

The Lifeguard system consists of units with multiple 3 phase and single phase outlets all combining for a user friendly plug in system, protected always by residual current devices RCD and overload circuit breakers MCB protecting the user and equipment from damage.

The applications of this equipment is far reaching and encompasses many different industries such as the Mining, Construction, Shipping, Hire, Maintenance Industries, and the Australian Defense forces. The units can be used in any other situations where a safe temporary power supply is required. The units are weather proof and all enclosures are manufactured from highly resilient polyethylene, GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) for our wall mount units or stainless steel.

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The Spinefex head office is in Brisbane. From here, the company distributes the Lifeguard Products all over Australia covering a vast range of industries. The name LIFEGUARD means exactly that - it protects the user of electrical equipment against electrocution using Residual Current Devices RCD and MCB. Using input power from 10 ,15, 32, 63, and 125 amps the units can distribute power where required.

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Level: Standard Storefront
Location: Darra , QLD
Distribution: Australia wide, Southeast Asia
Established: 1997
Joined: May 2018
Employees: 6-20