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Spot Cultivators - Savannah Wombat

Supplier: The Davey Group

High speed Rotary Cultivation is the best method to quickly and effectively create a perfect ‘spot’ or micro site for seedling establishment.

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Spot cultivation is an ideal alternative site prep method where the topography is too steep or broken for conventional rip and mound operation.

Steep slopes, broken ground, and rock areas which inhibit a continuous rip and mound operation, areas of heavy debris, small difficult sites, are all perfect sites to economically site prep with the Savannah Wombat. The Savannah Wombat goes further, to aggressively loosen the subsoil layers to enhance root development

When fitted to a rubber tracked or rubber tyred excavator the Wombat Spot Cultivator is ideal for establishing quality micro sites for urban tree planting. Highway median strips, sidewalks, footpaths and urban greening projects are all easily accessible for the Wombat.

The Savannah Wombat has a combination of a rotating subsoiling arm and a surface cultivation plow disc. In operation, a central spike engages the ground to hold the rotating head steady as first the subsoiling arm, and then the disc, quickly rip and cultivate down into the soil. Only a couple of rotations of the disc and the top soil is mulched and left on the surface to form an ideal environment for tree growth.

The deep subsoiling action of the Savannah Wombat, creates a large fractured soil volume for moisture entrapment and subsequent root growth. There is minimal alteration or inversion of the soil strata levels. The soil is loosened and mulched without a major change in the profile.

The Savannah Wombat Spot Cultivator is very environmentally friendly, only disturbing the ‘spot’ where the tree is to be planted. The terracing effect of the rotating disc on a steep slope, enhances the moisture control of the site. Rainfall is held on the cultivated spot long enough to allow it to percolate into the surrounding undisturbed subsoil, effectively increasing the A moisture bank for the growing tree.

Wombat is designed so that the operator is able to use the central high tensile steel spike to brush away the surface debris prior to activating the cultivation phase. The mulched ‘spot’ can be quite free of large sticks and logs. The spike can also be used to engage the ground to assist in moving the excavator on steep slopes.


  • Designed to fit to Dingo Ride-On Toolcarrier or 60hp farm tractor with loader.
  • Weight 100 kg
  • Oil pressure required 2800psi. Oil flow 30 litres per min.
  • Disk diameter - 24" (60cm)
  • Width of >spot= - 32" (80cm)
  • Depth of cultivation - 24" (60cm)
  • Pengo replaceable teeth fitted to cutter arm

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