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Spray Adhesives & Cleaner | 3M™

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3M™ Spray Adhesives are always ready when needed.

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Only a touch of the finger, bonds, cleans, or handles a variety of other jobs.

3M™ Spray adhesives also have a controlled spray pattern which helps minimise overspray and clean-up.

For mounting, bonding, fast-drying and high strength adhesive needs.

3M Spray Adhesive 73 Photomount

  • 3M™ Spray 73 is ideal for permanent mounting of lightweight materials such as paper, cardboard and fabrics to each other.
  • Fast setting
  • Precise spray pattern with no wrinkling or bleed through

3M Spray Adhesive 74 Super Foam Fast and Fabric

  • 3M™ Spray 74 is excellent for bonding foams and urethanes together and many other materials like wood, metal and plastics.
  • Bonds immediately with long bonding range
  • Precise spray pattern
  • Yellow in colour 

3M Spray Adhesive 75 Repositionable

  • 3M™ Spray 75 provides "tape-like" bonds on many lightweight materials.
  • Adheres in seconds yet has an extra-long tack range that allows respositioning.
  • Bonds paper, cardboard, acetates, foils and plastic sheeting.
  • Clear in colour

3M Spray Adhesive 76 High Tack

  • 3M™ Spray 76 is a unique quick-tacking adhesive with fast strength build-up
  • Bonds to fabric, felt, cardboard, many plastics, wood, metal and glass

3M Spray Adhesive 77 Super Multi-Purpose

  • 3M™ Spray 77 High tack, high coverage, fast-drying transparent adhesive for permanently attaching foils, carpeting, many lightweight foams, paper and fabrics to painted or unpainted metals, woods and other base materials.
  • Multi-purpose product with high grab with sufficient open time to allow positioning of materials
  • Clear in colour

3M Spray Adhesive 80 Neoprene Contact

  • 3M™ Spray 80 has exceptional resistance to plasticising oils, bonds rubber and supported vinyls better than many typical bulk neoprene contact adhesives.
  • High heat resistance with a 30 minute open time.
  • Precise spray pattern

3M Spray Adhesive 90 High Strength

  • 3M™ Spray 90 a high-strength fast-contact-type adhesive
  • Excellent adhesive for decorative laminates, particleboard and many other materials including polyethylene, polypropylene and SBR rubber
  • 1-2 minute drying time only

3M Spray 700 Spray Adhesive Cleaner and Solvent

  • 3M™ Spray 700 is a versatile general use solvent an aerosol form.
  • Ideal for cleaning heavily contaminated surfaces prior to bonding, removal of adhesive residue or dismantling of previously bonded articles.

3M Spray 300 hIPA Spray Cleaner

  • 3M™ Spray 300 is an isopropyl alcohol (IPA) spray that cleans surfaces prior to the application of a 3M tape or adhesive, particularly 3M VHB Adhesive Tape.

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