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ST360 Telecom IPTV Tester

Supplier: TelecomTest Solutions

The ST360 Telecom IPTV tester developed jointly by American IneoQuest Company includes xDSL test functions; video frequency quality testing (dithering, package loss, transmission speed, MDIDF delay); code stream quality testing (ISO TR101290 three ranks warning) and network configuration capabilities. The IPTV tester supports TS and ISMA standards.

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It also includes testing for many kinds of networks transmission protocols such as UDP and TCP. Testing functions are also available for a variety of audio and video codecs such as MPEG4, H264, AVS. The tester can analyze transmission quality and display real-time curves.

Key Features of ST360 Telecom IPTV Tester

  • Support xDSL Line Testing and IPTV Testing
  • Complete test of IPTV services and monitoring the process from the STB initialization
  • Compatible with many kinds of IPTV equipment and encapsulation formats (VLAN,PPPoE,RTP,RTSP,TCP,UDP ,IGMP etc.)
  • Support TS and ISMA
  • Provides test parameters including analysis of network transmission quality as well as analysis of network configuration and the quality of codes stream (ISO TR 101 290 three ranks alarm)
  • Support MPEG2,MPEG4,H264,AVS,VC-1 etc
  • Display real time curve of transmission quality analysis
  • Support STB Emulation, interception, tandem connection, direct connection
  • Cooperated with IneoQuest, support full MDI DF parameters test
  • Free upgrades
  • WINCE display interface and touch color screen
  • Battery powered, equipped with power adapters and in-car charger

Main Functions of ST360 Telecom IPTV Tester

  • xDSL Test
    • Physical layer test
    • PPPoE dial and PPPoE dial properties revise
    • Network layer test (Ping, Ipconfig, Tracert and Route)
    • Webpage browse function
  • LAN test
    • LAN port PPPoE Dial and properties revise function
    • Network layer test (Ping, Ipconfig, Tracert and Route)
    • Fixative IP scanning function
    • Webpage browsing function
  • DMM test
    • AC/DC Voltage
    • Loop Resistance
    • Capacitance
    • Insulation
  • Modem emulation
  • IPTV Test
  • IPTV test configuration: mostly are settings of multicast addresses and several threshold values. Settings of multicast addresses should be in the multicast testing circumstance. Set top box (STB) emulation test in the multicast environment can be made after the success setting of testing items or multicast addresses.
  • IPTV initialization test
    • Test possible malfunctions during the process of IPTV initialization. Include:
    • Line fault, Modem fault, STB fault, PPPoE dial fault, IPTV operation authentication and EPG obtain fault etc.
  • IPTV video stream detect: It can detect transmission video streaming automatically, display the video stream encapsulation format and net configuration parameter after the IPTV operation initialization.
  • IPTV test parameters
    • Transmit quality and test parameter
    • IP package number
    • TS package number
    • Video package number
    • Audio package number
    • IP package jitter
    • IP package loss
    • Transmission speed of IP package
    • Video transmission speed
    • Audio transmission speed
    • PCR jitter
  • Code stream quality
  • Net configuration
  • MODEM emulation
  • Records browse
  • File management
  • System Upgrade

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