Stainelec's new DW-408B Cordless Hydraulic Threaded Rod Cutter

Supplier: Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment
07 March, 2014

Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment now presents the new model DW-408B Cordless Hydraulic Threaded Rod Cutters for cutting 8mm to 12mm diameter mild steel and stainless steel threaded rod material.

This cutting tool provides the operator with a clean cut after every use on the work piece with no burr, allowing to screw a nut or fixing directly to the threaded rod after cutting. It allows the operator more flexibility for onsite applications to cut threaded rods either on the ground or above the ground for ladder and scaffolding situations.

Weighing only 4.8kg, DW-408B Threaded Rod Cutter features an OH&S compliant design as it requires no trailing power cords on the job site. The DW-408B allows the user easy control with two user friendly handle grips when placing the cutter into the desired positioning for cutting the threaded rod material, however if the positioning for the cut is incorrect the unit offers a manual relief valve to avoid any damage to the work piece material.

Another advantage with the DW-408B is that the cordless motor body can rotate from left to right at 70 degrees, this is most suited for when cutting threaded rods in awkward positions, allowing the operator more control when being used.

DW-408B is capable of cutting M8, M10 and M12 stainless steel and mild steel threaded rod in metric threads, whitworth sizes of 3/8 and 1/2 inch are also available, together with 3/8 and 1/2 inch UNC sizes for the US market. Stainelec now supplies many customers in the US market to cut threaded rods in UNC thread sizes.

The cordless model DW-408B has the same characteristics as the DW-404 electric model, but is power by a Hitachi Li-Ion 18 volt 3-A/Hr battery, delivering approx. 500 cuts per full battery charge.

Battery chargers are available in both 230 volt and 115 volt 60 Hertz for the US market. Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment now supplies both models to various companies in the US and Canadian markets, with threaded rod cutting for both 3/8 and 1/2 UNC threaded rods in mild and stainless steel.

All cutting dies for threaded rod sizes are colour coded so sizes can never be mixed by the operator when interchanging them in the cutting head. To interchange the cutting dies is a fast and easy process as the cutting blades are held into place by easy release holding pins and can be changed in a matter of seconds.

Models DW-404 and DW-408B will suit all DW cutting dies for threaded rods and are marked on the end with a colour code to define the ISO strength classes for 12mm diameter material as seen below:

  • Unmarked - 4.6 class( 400 N/mm2)
  • Yellow - 8.8 class ( 640 N/mm2)
  • Green - A2 stainless steel (304 Grade)
  • Red - A4 stainless steel (316 Grade)

DW-404 and DW-408B series threaded rod cutters are extremely reliable, powerful and easy to use, these cutter tools are available in two model being, electric and cordless versions per customers preference. The specially designed cutter blades will interchange between the two models for all thread sizes and round rod cutting.

The DW range cutters are the only portable cutter on the world market that can cut M12 and 1/2 inch stainless steel threaded rod cleanly, without any burr to the end of the cut material, precision manufactured in Japan for Stainelec to international standards.