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Stainless Steel Actuators

Supplier: DN Sales Australia
24 March, 2009

Duff Norton stainless steel actuators ( screw jacks )are available from their Australian factory representative DN Sales Australia based in New South Wales and Victoria.

For harsh environments Duff Norton offers a complete line of stainless steel actuators in standard and special configurations up to 100 ton capacity.

Duff Norton stainless steel actuators incorporate all the same features as their standard machine screw actuators but offer exceptional benefits to the food industry and harsh environmental applications where the highest level of corrosion resistance is a requirement.

All exposed surfaces of the stainless steel actuators are made of 316 SS including the lifting screw,housing,shell cap,worm shaft and dust guard. Options include : anti-backlash and keyed lifting screws for translating screw models.

To protect the internal gear case from contamination the stainless steel actuators are fitted with Nitrile rubber seals and 316SS case and springs.

Duff Norton also offer optional special features to their stainless steel actuators such as lifting screw ends, lifting screw threads,worm shaft extensions,stop nuts and bellows boots.

To allow full load ratings worm shafts produced from 17-4PH stainless steel are also available.

Spare parts and sub assemblies are available for customer's in-house repairs to Duff Norton stainless steel actuators . DN Sales Sevice Centres are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in supporting customer actuator rebuilds or special requirements.

For further details of supply, pricing or service please contact DN Sales Australia .