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Standardising sales processes at W&O Supply increases productivity

Supplier: Maximizer Software
07 August, 2012

W&O Supply was founded in 1975 and is the largest marine pipe supplier in the United States.

 W&O Supply's customer base represents all aspects of the maritime industry including the US Navy, commercial shipping companies, barge owners, cruise companies, offshore rigs and shipyards all across North America.

W&0 Supply uses a customer relationship management system from Maximizer Software to ensure all thirteen branch offices across the United States and one international location in Belgium stay connected with access to a 360-degree view of each customer as well as new business opportunities.

The challenge

When W&O Supply was acquired by PON Holdings, a multi-billion dollar, privately held company based in the Netherlands, expansion followed and the company was challenged with connecting a mobile workforce of 180+ people, a third of whom were engaged in some sales activities.

Standardising sales processes across offices was a top priority for Jack Guidry, W&O Supply's vice president and national sales manager.

"As we grow our business model throughout the world, it is extremely important that all of our efforts to maintain existing customers and develop new customers are coordinated in a standardised way," he said.

"Managing growth while increasing productivity can be challenging.

"We needed all departments, including sales, distribution, accounting, technology and management, following best practices procedures as they relate to customer relationships, particularly in the areas of data organisation, project tracking, and reporting of key information."

The Maximizer enterprise solution

Guidry examined multiple CRM, project management and accounting systems, looking for one that would provide a consolidated view of opportunities and accounts and more accurate forecasting.

The system needed to be customisable, yet not so complex that it lacked end-user friendliness, and it needed to be scalable to accommodate future expansion within the organisation.

The off-the-shelf quality of Maximizer Enterprise appealed to Guidry, who also wanted a highly customisable product he could modify down the road when the sales team became more confident in its use.

"We wanted a system that was intuitive and as easy to use as possible. Maximizer Enterprise appealed to us because we could easily customise an array of screens and we liked the list-based format that none of the other vendors offered."

"We purchased Maximizer Enterprise with the understanding that we would modify it down the road as our team became more confident in what it could do for them. This bottom up design is essential to the success of our CRM roll out because it gets the users involved in future customisations."


To ensure the CRM roll out at W&O Supply went smoothly, Guidry contacted Wintec, a Certified Maximizer Software Business Partner in New York. Wintec ensured Maximizer Enterprise was configured in a way that matched the sales processes Guidry wanted to put in place.

Within only a few weeks Maximizer Enterprise was being used daily, as the managers and sales reps had a common language with which to describe customers, make reports and track opportunities.

"We discussed the long-term goals for our CRM system and there was an absolute commitment from Maximizer Software and Wintec to get us up and running quickly," Guidry said.

Wintec Group, Inc. is a Maximizer Software Certified Solution Partner. Jon Arancio, a partner at Wintec, worked with W&0 Supply on the implementation of Maximizer Enterprise throughout the organisation.

"Jack outlined a few key areas where he felt Maximizer Enterprise would be of benefit, including call monitoring and response, project tracking, and goal-focused selling. We started by organising key data within Maximizer Enterprise. Unlike the loosely referenced data that crosses the company via e-mail, Maximizer Enterprise links data in an intuitive way.

"Customer call reports are stored in the same location as the address, phone numbers and contact names. Unique custom fields are linked directly to this data, as are scheduled events, such as calendar or to-do list items. In this manner, the data in Maximizer Enterprise is easier to work with, better indexed and provides a more complete picture for management feedback of a particular matter or question."


Since implementing Maximizer Enterprise, W&O Supply has increased both the quantity and quality of call monitoring, created comprehensive customer profiles, and they are using the Opportunity Management System (OMS) within Maximizer Enterprise to facilitate the tracking and closing of long-term sales opportunities by tracking multiple client projects and assigning a close date and revenue to each deal.

Logging call reports allows management to guide sales reps to better performance, and the call report itself is a valuable tool to prepare for the next sales call. Previous quotes and customer feedback is used to ensure the next call is much more focused. W&O Supply created daily call reports as a way of improving the actual content of customer phone calls.

If obvious mistakes are made, the call reports reveal this issue to management before too much time passes.

"By tracking the number of meaningful contacts each sales rep is making, we get two key benefits," Guidry said.

"First, we can discern high performers from not-so-high performers. Second, we can set aggressive, yet attainable goals for each sales person. Maximizer Enterprise is helping our management team develop and improve the sales skills of our sales team."

According to Guidry, there are cost savings due to lower turnover when sales reps use Maximizer Enterprise and meet or exceed their sales targets.

"Turnover is an expensive part of doing business. Having Maximizer Enterprise allows new sales reps to become more productive in much less time. It also allows structured training that can be repackaged and delivered to new offices or new team members. It also makes our sales team more accountable for how they spend their time."

Since properly logging call activity in Maximizer Enterprise W&O Supply's sales reps are more conscious of how they spend their time and have linked this customer data to their schedules. Sales reps are now better able to manage their time, have learned to plan events in advance and are more productive, which has resulted in four hours per week in time savings per sales rep.

"The biggest benefit from using Maximizer Enterprise is that each time we interact with a customer we can access a complete customer view. With this knowledge we can provide much better customer service and manage the customer relationship more effectively."