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Staples Australia warehouse with REMAX Rapid Roll Doors

Supplier: Remax Products
05 December, 2013

Read how the world's largest office products company maintains a secure and clean distribution warehouse with REMAX rapid roll doors.

Since 1987, Staples Inc has grown to operate in 26 countries with 88,000 employees worldwide. In 2010, the company acquired Corporate Express, firmly positioning the Staples brand in the Australian and New Zealand market.

Ensuring the health and safety of associates, and providing maximum client satisfaction through high quality products is a core focus for the business. Staples Facilities Manager for the Melbourne distribution centre, Mr Larry Mizzi, has a key role in ensuring the Melbourne branch conforms to the focus and objectives of the global company.

Central to Mr Mizzi's priorities is maintaining the high standard of security and hygiene required of all Staples' facilities.

"Many of the doors we had on the openings posed a threat for security, pest and dust control."

Aging infrastructure, such as the many roller doors around the site, was just one of the challenges the Facilities Manager was confronted with.

"Many of the doors we had on the openings posed a threat for security, pest and dust control. We have a requirement to keep doors closed when not in use throughout the course of the day, but many of the doors were getting damaged from forklifts etc, and were not able to be closed," Mr Mizzi said.

The roller shutter doors in place needed frequent maintenance in order to keep up with Staples' stringent security and product quality standards. This caused a lot of downtime, and was costing the company in repair costs and logistics headaches.

"We would spend anywhere between $6-12K on average per annum, just in door repairs. And cleaning the warehouse from dust and vermin residue took two weeks every quarter – this was dusting from top to bottom including the stock and so forth."

Not only was Mr Mizzi's department frustrated with the amount of time and money spent on maintenance, but inefficiencies with the slow operation of the doors themselves was taking its toll.

"The roller shutter doors we had are very time-consuming to operate. It was so difficult to enforce operators to close the doors after use, because the time it took to open and close the doors meant it was almost not worth it."

Knowing that high-speed roller doors would help improve traffic movement and efficiencies in his operations, Mr Mizzi began his search for the right supplier. With the experience gained through repairing doors that had been damaged by forklifts, Mr Mizzi was looking specifically for durability and robust design. Reliability was a prime consideration.

"We needed doors that could deal well with accidents and collisions and inclement weather, so quality is really important. We didn't want to get a cheaper door only to have it become unreliable later on."

The Staples Melbourne warehouse already had some high speed doors, but these had proved very unreliable, and had been tagged out for replacement.

"They were too unreliable; it was a cheaper brand, cheaper make," Mr Mizzi said. In the course of his search, Mr Mizzi found REMAX's website, and was impressed with the features of their range of MOVIDOR highspeed doors.

Very flexible and tailored specification options allowed Staples to re-use some of their existing forklift activation systems, with the REMAX technical support assisting with a seamless integration. Mr Mizzi was also pleased with the outstanding finish and appearance of the REMAX doors.

"The REMAX door curtains are made out of a highly visual type of material that stands out, and they're very robust in the way that they're constructed."

The request for capital expenditure was put to Staples management for evaluation, with the REMAX team assisting Mr Mizzi's recommendations for automatic activations suited to Staples logistics and traffic, and detailed Installation Data. After the proposal was approved, the project commenced and progressed smoothly.

"I found the REMAX team to be very reliable because there were no hidden costs and everything was straightforward."

The new REMAX high-speed roller doors provide Staples with high quality doors that don't damage easily. The previous concerns of site security and maintaining product cleanliness have been comprehensively addressed, and efficiencies in stock movements through the doorways have been gained.

"With REMAX, the quality of our doors have significantly increased, so the chances of it breaking down and causing problems for security and cleanliness have been minimized. The stylish design and great appearance of the doors has lifted the whole aesthetics of our facilities."

Finally, the excessive maintenance required on Staple's previous roller shutter doors can be avoided to ensure more efficient operations.

"Although it's still early days, I think the cost for repairs for collision damages is going to drastically change, as well as the cost involved for warehouse environmental cleaning of stock."

Not all Facilities Managers can claim to be "as happy as Larry" with their warehouse doors. In Mr Mizzi's case, the definition is true.

"I would highly recommend REMAX because of the cost, reliability and flexibility of options that can be offered with their doors."