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Startco Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company in incorporated in 2000 and based in Kunda Park, Queensland Australia. We are a specialist electrical protection company servicing the heavy industrial and mining sectors throughout Australia.

Our clients do business with us for one reason...low risk. We achieve this outcome by delivering on 4 key objectives:

• Reliability
• Accuracy
• Technical Support
• Product Guarantee

Operational risk is further reduced through our multi decade association with a global engineering and manufacturing company. We have a national footprint and our clients will confirm our suppliers design and deliver industry compliant solutions.

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Startco Engineering has been designing and manufacturing quality products since 1975 and today boasts the highest quality and reliability in every product, which is why all products supplied by Startco Engineering are covered with a 5 Year Warranty. Startco Pty Ltd is proud to be associated with Startco Engineering and their continued invaluable technical support and engineering.

Our dedication to technical support and service stems from 25 years in the electrical / electronics field with exposure to a variety of applications and products - hands-on experiences, technical support, applications advice, commissioning, installation and maintenance in power electronics, heavy industrial control, protection and motor starting - with applications ranging from in local Government, Mining and heavy industrial plants to remote pump stations.

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