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StarWeld Select - Laser Welding System

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At the AMB exhibtion in Stuttgart 19-23/09/06 Hall 3.0 Booth 261) ROFIN presents the new StarWeld Select laser welding system.

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ROFIN Laser Micro has launched a new generation of universal welding lasers: the StarWeld Select. It is not merely a manual welding laser nor is it purely a CNC-controlled system, but it is both of these things and even more. The StarWeld Select is the result of decades of ROFIN experience, the pioneer in manual welding lasers, as a result of numerous innovations defines a new laser concept.

One Laser for all Laser Welding Applications

Are you planning to introduce laser welding? Then the StarWeld Select is the right choice! With one universal operating concept, the Select can be operated as an ergo-nomically optimized manual welding laser, as a deposit welding laser with joystick or as a high-precision CNC system. All process steps are controlled via the multi-functional joystick and a large multi-colour touch screen display enabling semi-automatic laser welding, CNC teach-in or jogging of heavy workpieces. The display shows system functions including CNC control and programming clearly laid out in well structured graphics and menus.

Especially with manual welding lasers and fully integrated system solutions, the laser enclosure design is critical. The compact housing of the Select with its appealing de-sign combines a large number of practical functions. The doors vanish completely in-side when opened, so they are out of the way, a large working chamber which can be accessed easily, manual ports with leather collars, ample trays and even a specially adapted ergonomic chair. The entire system has a low-noise and low vibration design which is extremely important for intensive working sessions and finest detail welding.

Innovations throughout

The generously dimensioned axes make the Select a robust and, at the same time, high-precision machine. Workpieces weighing up to 50 kg and also finest precision workpieces are precisely positioned with an accuracy of 10 µm. Joystick technology allows full use of the motorized axis system without CNC programming. The Track-ModeTM allows direct storage of manually controlled paths and can be used for deposit welding along curved contours or even for semi-automatic operations, e. g. for small batch production. The AreaFillTM option is a unique feature which allows several paral-lel offset welding seams to be generated for 3D surface deposit welding. SynchroWeldTM automatically adjusts the weld spot sequence to the axes' travel speed and al-lows consistent seam welds independent of the trajectory. Finally, the professional high-end CNC motion system, which would normally only be available on a much higher priced system, provides the option of welding in linear interpolation mode via 4 axes (xyz plus rotary axis).

TrueViewTM provides for a 100 % hit rate, even if operation is carried out outside the focal plane, because laser beam and microscope viewing beam path are collinear. EasyTouchTM converts physical parameters which are essential for laser control (volt-age, pulse power etc.) into easily understandable graphics with the user-related parameters. Weld spot diameter, strength and hardness - every user can handle the setting of the corresponding welding parameters without prior laser knowledge.
With the new Intelligent Pulse Management (IPM), ROFIN has satisfied customers' wishes to adjust the pulse power precisely for both finest micro welds and extremely strong and fast welds. The patented Sweet Spot Resonator? provides a consistently good beam quality from the very first laser pulse and is the basis for the MicroWeldTM-Option. This option allows spot diameters smaller than 0.1 mm, rather than the com-monly achieved minimum spot size of 0.3 mm.

Safe and Stable

The speed-controlled exhaust system of the StarWeld Select operates with HEPA filters to remove welding fume in a safe manner. A closed-loop cooling circuit with large filters and cooling surfaces provides for a long lifetime and long maintenance intervals even under full load and continuous operation. The user is able to change consumable parts himself. Each system undergoes an extensive endurance and vibration test before shipping, so it is ready for immediate operation without any readjustment on delivery.

The StarWeld Select from ROFIN closes the gap between classical manual welding and cost-intensive CNC laser welding systems. The innovative concept, packaged in a new and ergonomic enclosure - makes CNC technology profitable even for small batch production: a laser system combining excellent design with excellent performance.

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