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Steel Industry Accounting Software

Supplier: Capital Office Business Software

CAPITAL Office Software has been designed with the steel industry in mind, and is the approved/official accounting system for many businesses in the steel industry, such as the Tubemakers/Metaland Group.

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Quantity Conversions

One of the unique and important industry features in CAPITAL is the "quantity conversion system" which deals with different units of measure both in purchasing and selling. Most accounting systems are unable to buy and sell in a variety of different sizes and lengths.

For example, in your business you might purchase by metre, length, tonne, and pack, and sell by metre, length and other combinations, all with different associated cost and sell prices. CAPITAL Series 7 allows you to purchase and sell in an unlimited number of different sizes and units of measure.

Easy Stock/Price File Imports

As the industry moves towards automation to reduce staff costs, many and shortly all your suppliers will be providing product and price information in electronic form. CAPITAL's powerful data integration manager allows you to define links to your supplier's price information. Once you've set-up the link CAPITAL will remember the format of your supplier's data and will be able to import future updates at the press of key.

Large Product Codes & Descriptions, Intelligent Matching

The stock control system can track product codes of up 25 characters and descriptions of unlimited length. As many products and descriptions in the steel industry are difficult to remember, stock items are typically hard to find quickly. Unlike computers, humans search for product descriptions in different ways.

For most accounting programs, unless a description is entered in exactly the right sequence of letters and numbers, the system can’t immediately locate the product you want or present a short-list of likely matches.

CAPITAL’s key word search feature will instantly match the words you enter in a variety of different combinations and will find the products you need (or the closest matches). And searching remains instantaneous, whether there are 100 or 100,000 products in your database.

Portions (Lengths) Management

Using Portion (Lengths) Management, stock can be held in the smallest standard unit of sale (e.g., a metre) while simultaneously tracking the total number of available lengths and their dimensions.

For example, you can track the number of steel rods in stock of a particular grade, and what their lengths are. CAPITAL even comes equipped with features to cut rods into smaller lengths on the fly and automatically allocate sizes below a minimum to "off cuts".

Service Management & Job Costing

Service Management and Job Costing is ideal for managing service work, fabrication and construction. Estimate costs, raise quotes, and record materials used, labour time and other expenses.

Job cards track a complete history of the work you’ve performed in the past, and can be easily customised by you to support the unique requirements of your business without program changes.

Work in progress, billing pending, activity, promised versus completed dates and other key information can be tracked as statistics or displayed on automatically generated business graphs.

Serial Number & Warranty Date Tracking

Serial numbers can be recorded in the system for heavy tools such as welders, electrical power tools and other hardware you may retail. By noting the warranty period for each item you can track whether a returned item is still covered by warranty or follow-up with additional product offers after the warranty period has expired.

A Total Business Solution

Specialised accounting packages tend to be good at a few specific things but poor at running other aspects of your business. CAPITAL Office comes with state-of-the-art stock control, general accounting, cash management, purchasing, job costing and ordering systems.

CAPITAL is not just an ideal solution for managing stock control in the steel industry: It has powerful features to help you service, repair, hire, fabricate and distribute goods. It handles GST and provides valuable reports to help you with the Business Activity Statement. CAPITAL is an ideal all round business solution that you won't outgrow.