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STEMS Safety Training Employee Management System FAQ

Supplier: Stems Solutions Pty Ltd
16 January, 2008

Q1: Are you a 'true' Australian company?

A1: Yep, through and through dinky di Aussi, and that means every facet of our operations, from designing through to the hosting of STEMS.

Q2: What support do we get after we have signed up?

A2: Complete support. Unlike other systems, STEMS is not loaded and left reliant upon your infrastructure. STEMS maintains and upgrades your management system. We are responsible for maintaining the networking infrastructure, all you require is Internet Explorer access. Best of all..."at no charge." Our IT dept. manages the support, backups and reliability of your system. We won't just install and leave the rest to you.

Q3: Is that phone support with a 'real person' at the end of the line, or just email support?

A3: STEMS has built into our contracts a specific number of 'System Administrators'. Nominated System Administrators 'only' may pick up the phone for support. Nominated 'Users' may use email support. "We build a quality product, however, after years of 'e-software' experience, we know how time consuming unauthorized support calls can be. All queries are to be sifted through your company's authorised System Administrators. This allows us to get on with supporting you, our clients with Best Practice.

Q4: How much per hour does support cost us?

A4. Nothing

Q5: How much do we pay for data storage, is there a limit and then we pay?

A5. Nothing and no.

Q6: What if there is something in the package we need a bit of customising on?

A6. We will sit down with you, talk about it, see if it can happen. If it can happen we will code it up for you. If the customising is seen to be useful to the base package, you get it free *, and so does everyone else who is using STEMS. If not, we will quote and leave the decision to you. (*conditions apply regarding the length of contract lease apply)

Q7: How long have you guys been doing this?

A7: About 10 years for the people behind STEMS. We are setting the new benchmark for safety, training & management systems, due to the void created by existing products which are failing to comprehensively cover your business needs. The company is one of the first to develop online E Software in Australia. With over 10 years experience and presently serving more than 50,000+ employees internationally, nationally and online.

Q8: Who has designed your system?

A8: We did. The system was designed by our own 'Australian' safety, training and IT specialists, and most importantly, with the feedback from our own clients.

Q9: Where is our data stored?

A9: Here with us so we have total control. STEMS is Australian designed and developed and utilises it's own data centre. (not outsourced to other companies or countries.) We confidently store your data here with us, under our own security. Monitored 24/7 by our trained technicians.

Q10: What infrastructure do you have?

A10: STEMS' state of the art data centre boasts a high speed optical fibre link to the world. It's systems include, SMS gateways, climate control, backup power, 24/7 monitoring and offsite replication. As yet, we are aware of no other system that can offer this complete peace of mind. They do not provide the complete STEMS solution.

Q11: Who is using STEMS?

A11: We hold our client's strict confidentiality. But we will tell you STEMS is currently being utilised internationally and nationally due to its flexible online nature, timely support and superior coding.