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Stock Control & Inventory Management Accounting Software

Supplier: Capital Office Business Software

CAPITAL's stock control system helps you manage the stock you are carrying, have on order, are releasing to customers or are consigning or transferring.

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Stock levels can be carefully monitored, allowing you to produce reorder reports, over-stock reports, slow moving stock reports, dead-stock reports, as well as list top selling or poor selling stock based on sales, units moved, profit margins or mark-ups and other criteria.

A press of a key can show you outstanding purchase orders, customer sales or back orders for each of your products. Referring a customer to a reseller who might be holding stock, or estimating the arrival of your next delivery takes only a few key strokes.

Each stock item can have up to 25 prices assigned to it, in addition to an unlimited number of discounts and special price rules. That means last cost, average cost, foreign currency buy or sell, tax, retail, wholesale, trade or whatever prices you require, can be assigned to each product. If the security system is used, user-specified prices can also be "hidden" from general inspection.

Stock item can be held and transferred between an unlimited number of locations. Products can be searched by multiple product codes, description, supplier group, stock group, stock ID, or alternate product code (such as the supplier part number or bar code), serial number, batch number and user-defined fields.

Multiple searches can also be performed simultaneously. Being able to find the product you want with confidence, whether you are dealing with a bar coded stock label, supplier invoice or customer receipt, which often use different codes to identify the same goods, saves an enormous amount of time.

The stock control screen is user configurable so extra information can be added or non-applicable information removed. Up to six screens of stock information can be added and searched on.

A maximum of 1000 lines of note information can be attached to each product. Products may also have an unlimited number of lines of extended product description.

The stock control system also fully supports Unique Stock Tracing, the ability to maintain serial/batch numbers, sizes, colours, styles, and up to 250 user defined "extended" properties.

Unique Stock Tracking allows CAPITAL to handle tracking problems such as stock consigned from suppliers, product versions/revisions, multiple bin location, variations in purchase prices from multiple suppliers and many other applications.

CAPITAL can automatically create purchase orders based on low stock levels, customer orders, sales history (performance) and back orders. Lead times and supplier minimum order quantities are also considered. In organizations where ordering is a major task, up to 90 per cent of the manual work can be eliminated.

Stock kits allow you to assemble an unlimited number of components that can be combined in a single stock item, and then sold or ordered as required. To use an example, a company distributing chemicals might purchase in thousands of litres, then re-package and sell in 50 litre, 5 litre and 1 litre containers. Stock levels can be managed effortlessly both for the original quantity of chemical and the supplies of containers.

Kits can also be "exploded" directly onto transactions, providing an instant way to input a set of product codes. They can also be used to create an unlimited number of short-cut codes and references to other products.

For example, a 20 character part number could be given a two or three digit short reference. When the short reference is entered, the full product code and its details appear.

Many firms involved in manufacturing, engineering and repair, often need to modify or add value to stock they already own, or perhaps assemble components into a new product, or strip or disassemble a product into its component parts.

When serial, batch or engine numbers are involved, the task can be even more complex to manage. The CAPITAL's Assembler is designed to take the hard work out of these processes.

If your organisation deals with very large price lists, spare parts catalogues or often handles essentially the same product under different part codes, then CAPITAL's cross-referencing and computerised microfiche features will prove essential.

If your supplier has a price list data file, CAPITAL can either merge it into your existing inventory, or keep it separate from your stock file but have it readily available for searching from within the stock system.

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