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Stock feeders | Large Cattle Feeders

Supplier: Paton Industries

Stock feeders , the XLF 24 Feeder is a large capacity feeder that will hold more than 4 tonnes of feed.

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Stock feeders | Large Cattle Feeders

The 6.5m3 volume means less continual refilling, and more time spent on more important jobs.

This cattle feeder has viewing windows - avoiding the need to climb up and open the lid to see inside. The unit is equipped with a climb ladder if you require access, and a simple hinged lid for easy opening operation controlled by an extended handle. The adjustable feed doors are controlled by stainless steel threaded rod and screws.

The NLF 24 Feeder has the capacity to hold 4.3 m3. These cattle feeders can also be used for feeding grains, pellets and heavier mixed feeds.

The LF 24 Feeder is a slightly smaller unit that has the capacity to hold 3.2m3 of feed. These cattle feeders , like the XLF can be used for feeding grains, pellets and heavier mixed feeds. The LF range is a tough heavier gauge group of feeders that can withstand the rigours of adult cattle knocking and rubbing. These feed troughs are designed specifically for large headed animals such as some of the beef cattle breeds. Adjustable feed doors allow feed delivery to be regulated.

Features of this range

  • Heavy duty construction is designed to be used for heavier framed cattle, ( but suitable for all adult cattle).
  • The cattle feeders have double sided feed trays which will cater for 4 adult cattle feeding at once on each side.
  • All these feeders have strong supporting skid frame which enables easy lifting with tractor forks without damaging the sheet metal.
  • Stainless Steel threaded rod adjustments on feed doors for longer life.
  • All parts of the feeder are fully folded back to minimise bruising and cutting of tongues while feeding