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Storefront linking feature

Supplier: Industracom
17 August, 2009

Our unique Storefront Partnership feature allows companies to create a link between each other to demonstrate an association.

This feature was developed following feedback from advertisers who wanted to promote their products on our website, while supporting resellers at the same time by generating leads for them.

Since it launched, brands such as 3M and Microsoft have successfully used this feature to drive more business to resellers. 3M uses the feature to link to distributors who are also active advertisers. View www.industrysearch.com.au/Suppliers/3M.

Microsoft also supports its partners and resellers by generating interest and enquiries for them via their Storefront: www.industrysearch.com.au/Suppliers/Microsoft_Dynamics

Whilst companies such as 3M and Microsoft have their products promoted on their reseller’s Storefronts, having their own Storefront ensures that their brands are well represented.

Demonstrating the association in this way also adds credibility to a reseller’s Storefront by showcasing their relationship with the master brand.

To ensure both companies approve of the link up, each must approve it through an email request system available to Storefront owners.

This is another unique and innovative feature provided to active advertisers.

Other companies utilising this feature include: