Storemasta outdoor relocatable dangerous goods stores

Supplier: Priority Supplies
08 March, 2013

The Storemasta outdoor relocatable dangerous goods stores are recognised by many manufacturing, mining, processing and off shore industries as the most effective and versatile means of compliant storage solution.

Fully compliant with the relevant Australian Standards, the self contained Storemasta outdoor relocatable dangerous goods stores cater for the storage of pallets and 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). With the addition of the new Mini Series (250Lt - 850Lt capacity) you can conveniently store smaller packages too.

Constructed in Australia using locally produced materials and a long history and experience in the dangerous goods storage industry has resulted in a complete range of products for the bulk storage of oils, fuels and chemicals. The range caters for storage from one pallet or IBC through to 32 pallets. With the minimum of site preparation requirements or submissions to local planning authorities, the Relocatable Dangerous Goods stores provide an attractive and economical alternative to a fixed construction.

Storemasta construct these stores for the storage and containment of all dangerous goods classes and can manufacture to meet any specific requirements including full stainless steel versions for harsh and offshore environments.

With the increasing demand for occupational health and safety, compliance and environmental protection the correct and safe storage of hydrocarbons and chemicals is imperative. Other gains are experienced also through increased storage efficiency, product accessibility, security and waste elimination.

Storemasta outdoor relocatable dangerous goods stores are recognised for their quality and reliability and the ultimate solution to statutory compliance.