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Strailastic Noise Reduction Systems for Rail

Supplier: Projex Group

The STRAILastic product range includes optimum solutions for noise attenuation in modern transport systems such as urban rail and tramways. It includes rail dampers and rail acoustic panels.

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The primary focus of Projex Group is to provide innovative sound & vibration attenuation rail products to support the industry in delivering world-class rail solutions.

Strailastic_A INOX 2.0 absorbers are rail web dampers used to reduce noise and vibration emissions from tracks, which run through residential and/or urban areas. The product consists of a steel reinforced heavy elastomer compound and is produced by a special double vulcanizing process. Strailastic_A INOX 2.0 absorbers have been specifically designed for Australian conditions, taking into consideration our high UV index and our extremes in air temperature.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick and simple handling
  • Installation performed in “live” ?operational conditions
  • Maintenance-free > no follow-up costs
  • Possible noise reduction up to 7 dB(A)
  • Stainless steel ?clamp > permanent fastening
  • No obstruction to standard track maintenance work

Strailastic_IP – Infill Panel
Noise Attenuation Panels

STRAILastic_IP is a noise-dampening panel that can be fitted alongside railway tracks to reduce the amount of ambient noise from passing trains. In many cases hand rails have been installed on the tops of the ballast walls on bridges. The IP panels can be bolted to the handrails with purpose-made stainless steel brackets. The STRAILastic_IP is 1,800 mm wide and 1,250 mm high. The base material is a fibre-reinforced, recycled elastomer compound that can withstand the cold of winter and the heat of summer without affecting its performance.

Product details

  • Weight: approx. 140 kg per panel
  • Dimensions: 1,800 x 1,250 mm (Custom sizes on request)
  • Surface: high noise attenuating surface (both faces)
  • Pressure and pull forces are reliably absorbed by fibre-reinforcement

The surface of the STRAILastic_IP panel facing the rail is designed to break the noise of passing trains. The inclination of the absorbers fins directs the minor, inevitable reflection towards the ballast. Additionally, the typically high dead weight of the panels made of elastomer compound – 140kg per panel – increases the dampening effect. The pressure and pull effects and turbulences, which may occur as high-speed trains pass, do not impact on the STRAILastic_IP. The fibre-reinforcement reliably absorbs those forces.


  • Can be installed onto existing bridge railings or infrastructure
  • Noise insulation on both sides of the panel
  • Quick installation
  • Can be used as advertising space
  • Removable elements >?fastenings made of high-quality stainless steel
  • UV and ozone resistant due to hot vulcanisation
  • Elements are joined with a tongue & groove connection
  • Recyclable & Fatigue-proof

Strailastic_MSW (Mini Panels)
Sound Attenuation System

Strailastic_MSW is reducing sound where it is created, close to the rail. That is the most effective way to dampen sound emissions. For this reason, our new product gets as close to the rail and the loading gauge as possible. Our stable but elastic basic material (fibre-reinforced recycling rubber) allows us to succeed where others fail.

The sound protection elements, which are 1,800 mm wide, are fastened at the sleeper head and therefore guarantee a secure and permanent hold. The special acoustic surface, already successfully in use with STRAILastic_IP, has a unique geometry and is always directed towards the sound event in order to absorb it in an optimal way.


  • Fastened to the sleepers
  • As close as possible to the sound source
  • Fibre-reinforced high-quality rubber that cannot break
  • No fatigue of material due to the forces of vibration, pull and compression


Strailastic Noise & Vibration Attenuation Solutions