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Strapping Machine | CFH Head

Supplier: Cyklop Aust

Strap feed / retraction at 2,9 or 3.7 m/sec-ensures a quick strapping cycle, the design of the tensioning rollers ensures minimal slippage and no strap deformation.

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The gears are teflon-coated and need no lubrication, an easily exchangeable sealer cassette contains all the friction weld components.

A strap under tension is designed to absorb all types of external forces affecting the load during handling and transport. These forces can be static, such as leaning loads or expanding products under compression. They can also be of a dynamic nature, such as vibrations or shocks etc. To achieve its designated purpose, PET strap must be stretched to its optimum value.

The CFH 1 strapping head - capable of tensioning up to more than 5500 N, holding the tension with a simulated hydraulic effect to work with the inherent properties of polyester and a smoke free friction welded joint that secures the applied tension around any pack is the answer.

Interval Tensioning:

Is the technological answer to load securement. By stretching the PET with interval tensioning the load securement is much higher than that obtained by some other companies “Headline” grabbing tension claims.

We at Cyklop produce around 30% of Europe’s polyester strap and know our product and how to use it.


The demands placed on strapping equipment in the nineties were proving too much for the then available range of strapping heads from all manufacturers, most were 1980’s design, even modified steel heads were in use.

Cyklop took the initiative and designed a strapping head that would meet the demands of all industries then and far into the future. The CFH 1 head is designed to take full advantage of the properties of the high quality polyester strapping available from Cyklop production lines.

Technical data CFH 1:

  • Type of seal: Friction sealing
  • Tensioning force: Up to 5.500 Newton (N)
  • Weight: 77 kg
  • Dimensions: 272 x 445 x 395 mm (B x H x L)
  • Method of insertion: Strap on strap