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Get Packed supplies a range of automatic strapping machines, semi-automatic strapping machines as well as hand held strappers including all the strapping tools and strapping consumables.

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Our range of Strapping Machines include the following: 

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine: Quick and efficient
The semi-auto strapping machine is the most commonly sought after strapping machine. It is used to strap packages together so they are ready for dispatch and transporting - or simply for storage and are simple for almost anyone to use. Place your item for strapping onto the table, feed the strap into the strapping head, which hits a trigger, pulls the strap back in reverse, tensions, heat seals and cuts the strap. Then it feeds the next piece of strap ready for the next item to be strapped.

The Range of Semi-Autos:

  • High table: Sits at a height of 730mm and fully enclosed
  • Open high table adjustable: Adjustable to a height of 850mm and table is open.
  • Low table adjustable: Set at 460mm - better suited for items you don't want to lift far off the ground.
  • Side seal model: Has an adjustable work table that straps from the side. Better for items such as planks of wood or flowers.
  • Pallet strapping model: On wheels it is moved along side the pallet for  strapping.

Automatic Strapping Machine: allows for "hands free" operation
Hands free operation of the automatic strapping machine improves prodution speeds and accuracy rates. The main difference between the auto and semi auto strapping machine is that in an automatic machine you do not have to manually re-feed the strap into the machine before it automatically tensions and seals the strap.

The range of automatic strapping machines:

  • Standard automatic strapping machine: GPAS26. The package is placed on the table, under the arch, the button or foot pedal is pressed and the strap electronically tensions, cuts and seals - all in 2.5 seconds. It is available in varying arch sizes.
  • Vertical model: The arch is set on the vertical and can be inserted into production lines.
  • Horizontal model: The arch is set on the horizontal and can be inserted into production lines.

Hand Held Strapping Machines / Tools - Zapak
Battery, electric and pneumatic hand held tools are all supplied by Get Packed and are for use with plastic or polyester strapping and built with automatic tensioning and high friction sealing.

  • Battery powered and hand held: Zapak 96A is the second generation battery hand held strapping tool. At only 3.5Kg the new design allows for convenient single handed operation.
  • Electrically powered hand held : powered with electricity. The Zapak 20 supplies manual tension up to 1000kgs and is suitable for plastic strapping in widths of 10mm to 16mm.
  • Pneumatic high tension hand held: The ZP28 is the most powerful and reliable plastic strapping tool of the range with a maximum adjustable tension of up to 350kgs.               

Get Packed also supply a range of strapping kits to help set up those who need help as well as supplying a range of strapping products such as steel and plastic strapping as well as seals, tensioners and buckles. 


Get Packed Strapping Machines