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Structural Blind Fastening System - Design with ONESIDE

Supplier: Ajax Engineered Fasteners

Architects and engineers need to consider the use of ONESIDETM at the design stage.

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Structural Blind Fastening System - Design with ONESIDE

This will allow for increased flexibility in structure design and lead to confidence that no unforeseen problems will occur late in the assembly.

The parameters for using the system are included in the attached technical notes.


The ONESIDE™ bolt contains a bolt with a circular head, a stepped washer, a split stepped washer, an optional sleeve (for shear) and a standard nut.

Figure 1 shows a comparison of components between ONESIDE™ and a standard bolt in a bolted joint.

Two cases, namely, a) the same bolt size and b) the same hole-size are shown.

The bolt head diameter (Dhead), the hole diameter (Dhole), the bolt diameter (Dbolt), the washer diameter (Dwasher) and the washer thickness (t) are the fundamental design parameters of the bolts.
The subscripts 1, 2 and 3 represent the cases a) standard bolt b) ONESIDE™ with the same diameter bolt and c) ONESIDE™ with the same diameter hole respectively. In the following section the similarities and differences in the three configurations are analysed in the light of Australian Steel Codes AS4100.